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GS(3) Thunderbolt 7-3-06: Greg Palast on the Case in the Mexican Presidential Election

GS(3) Thunderbolt 7-3-06: Greg Palast on the Case in the Mexican Presidential Election

By Richard Power

In yesterday's post, Hard Rain Journal 7-2-06: Sy Hersh Delivers More Insight on US Generals Resistance to Bush-Cheney Eagerness for War with Iran, I celebrated Sy Hersh's work as an example of the function that investigative reporting performs in a democratic society. Here is another poignant example: Greg Palast on the ground in Mexico City. Palast sounded the alarm before the election, and now he is in position to cover a story that might become historic, and to expose what the mainsteam news media (on both sides of the border) will probably try to cover up.

Go to, review his work over the last decade and then ask yourself why he is not does not work for one of the major network or cable news organizations in the US?

Here is an excerpt from the story he posted this morning, with a link to the full text, followed by a list of related posts:

Gore v. Bush.
Kerry v Bush.
Lopez Obrador v Calderon.
As in Florida in 2000, as in Ohio in 2004, the exit polls show the voters voted for the progressive candidate, but the race is "officially" too close to call.
But they will call it - after they steal it. Reuters News agency reports that, as of 8pm Eastern time, as voting concluded in Mexico, exit polls show Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the "left-wing" Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) leading in exit polls over Felipe Calderon of the ruling conservative National Action Party (PAN)....
Calderon's election is openly supported by the Bush Administration....
We are not surprised.
This past Friday, we reported that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had obtained Mexico's voter files under a secret "counterterrorism" contract with database company ChoicePoint of Alpharetta, Georgia. (See BUSH TEAM HELPS RULING PARTY "FLORIDIZE" MEXICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.)....
In November 2004, US Republican Senator Richard Lugar, in Kiev, cited the divergence of exit polls and official polls as solid evidence of "blatant fraud" in the vote count in Ukraine. As a result, the Bush Administration refused to recognize the Ukraine government's official
vote tally … which proves once again that Republicans are incapable of irony.
The foreign mainstream press has already announced, despite the polling discrepancies, that Mexico's elections were fair and clean - which would be a first for that country where Lopez Obrador's party has seen its candidates defeated by "blatant fraud" before. The change this time is that the fraud is simply less blatant.
Matt Pascarella & Greg Palast, Stealing It in Front of Your Eyes,, 7-3-06


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