Sunday, September 23, 2018

September 2018 Solstice: "A Force that is At Once More Wonderful and More Terrible than Death, than Human Intelligence, than Forces of Nature ..."

"I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness; I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too. I feel the suffering of millions. And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better, that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquility will return once more." -- Anne Frank, Diary of Anne Frank.

Sunday, 9/23/18, at 1:54 UTC, which means Autumn on Saturday, 9/22/18, at 6:54 p.m. in San Francisco and 9:54 p.m. in Brooklyn and on Sunday at 3:54 a.m. in Copenhagen and 7:39 a.m. in Kathmandu, and Spring on Saturday at 10:54 pm in Buenos Aires and on Sunday at 3:54 am in Capetown and 11:54 am in Sydney. The great wheel turns, turn with it; while feeling the dynamism of the planetary polarity. In the north of the world, we move toward the darkness. In the south of the world, we move toward the light. Yin and yang. Light and dark swirling, each emerging from the other. Allow yourself to align with the majesty of these sacred cycles. Such alignment is itself sanctuary. Allow yourself to draw on these sacred cycles as an immense engine generating inexhaustible power. This power will sustain you as our herstoric struggle for the soul and future of the human species enters an even more dangerous phase.

Resistance is rEvolution. 

Check your registration, get your friends and allies to check their registration. Vote, get your friends and allies to vote. Vote Democratic up and down the ballot. Get your friends and allies to vote Democratic up and down the ballot. March. Educate. Lead. This is not a drill. You can't escape choosing sides. You can't transcend what is upon us or reframe it for yourself and your followers from the luxury of your privilege. The complaint that having to choose between Democrats and Republicans is being forced to "choose the lesser of two evils" is a tragically false meme. But even if it were true, if you refused to choose the lesser evil then in reality you would have chosen the greater evil, because you have without a doubt empowered the greater evil. Seriously.
Great Highway. San Francisco, August 2018.
"Who knows, my God, but that the universe is not one vast sea of compassion actually, the veritable holy honey, beneath all this show of personality and cruelty?" -- Jack Kerouac, "The Origins of the Beat Generation" in Playboy (June 1959).

Ocean Beach. San Francisco, September 2018.
Sixty-Fifth Sun in Virgo

After months of intense and sometimes acrimonious negotiations with the Norns (I.e., the Fates), I have signed a new ten year contract for residency on Terra. Details of the agreement will remain confidential for now. But as we already know the price of joy is sorrow and the price of life is death. Cash only. No refunds. All sales final. The great wheel turns. We are strangers in a strange land. Gathered in a tavern of ruin. To celebrate savage beauty and whisper wild magic. Each of us carries a pearl of great price hidden in our elven cloaks. There are troubadours here, steeped in Gaian Poetics; some of these troubadours will be "killed before they reach Bombay." There are Dakini here, emissaries of an ancient future. Asked for a map of the wilderness ahead, one of these Dakini smiles treacherously, reaches into her medicine pouch for a handful of parchment ash and blows it into the west wind. At the center of this circle, the dark goddess herself stirs the hot bronze cauldron of our primal reality. And as she stirs, the great wheel turns. The Yang flows from within the Yin, the Yin flows from with the Yang. Chi is the river. Chi is the sea. Chi is the rain. Chi is the soil. Chi is the stone. Chi is the sky. Chi is the flesh. Chi is the blood. Chi is root, trunk, bark, limbs, leaves. Chi is the solar fire and the lava flow. Chi is the Space which shudders with the thrill of it all. Realize this for yourself and share it in the way you find yourself inspired to share it. Om Ah Hung Benzar Guru Peme Siddhi Hung.

The Year of the Dragon Rolls On
San Francisco, September 2018.

With her fierce intellect and powerful voice, Kali Holloway (@kalihollowayftw) is an invaluable journalistic resource on social justice and culture in this perilous time. She is a gifted writer/editor, a friend and colleague, and I am honored to share her poignant testimonial: "I, the Dragon is equal parts intimate memoir, zen treatise and firsthand historical document. Across a life filled with bothtrauma and triumph, Richard Power has traveled the world, witnessed extraordinary things, met an astounding list of fellow travelers and emerged with a story—many stories, many of them remarkable—that is both resonant and beautiful." -- Kali Holloway. "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" is available in both a black and white signed edition for $55, and a full color limited edition (333 copies) numbered and signed for $133. For more information, visit 

Great Highway. San Francisco, August 2018.
The Goddess falls in love with Herself, drawing forth her own emanation, which takes on a life of its own. Love of self for self is the creative force of the universe. Desire is the primal energy, and that energy is erotic: the attraction of lover to beloved, of planet to star, the lust of electron for proton. Love is the glue that holds the world together.” -- Starhawk, The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religions of the Great Goddess (1999) 

San Francisco, September 2018

The Secret Engine of the World

What are you called? Bruja? Baul? Bodhisattva? Tantrika? Aghori? Troubadour? Dakini? Bhakta? Curandera? Yogini? Wizard? Sorceress? These are all just cover stories. Your true designation is beyond human speech. Authentic, mystical love, real love, is the secret engine of the world. But this authentic, mystical love, this real love, does not act like fire or water; it does not incinerate or drown that which it encounters. Authentic, mystical love, real love, moves like a vast glacier; whatever it does not crush or bury, it pushes forward. Yes, this love glacier levels mountains and forges canyons, it breaks the unbreakable and reshapes the earth. The love glacier is so massive that it takes a lifetime just to glimpse it, and even then it can only be seen as far as the horizon; it moves so slowly it is almost undetectable, it takes a lifetime to measure its grinding progress. Authentic, mystical love does not act like fire or water; it does not incinerate or drown that which it encounters. this love moves like a vast glacier; whatever it does not crush and bury, it pushes forward. This is the secret engine of the world. How utterly empty and free you must be to revel in the movement of this glacier, knowing that all you have ever had or wanted will be torn up and ground under, and that then in the glacier's aftermath there will be only a long fathomless silence, in which you will be no more than the shadow of a raven on the white stillness of the deep snow. 

Ocean beach. San Francisco, September 2018.
"There is a room in the Department of Mysteries, that is kept locked at all times. 
It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of the many subjects for study that reside there. It is the power held within that room that you possess in such quantities and which Voldemort has not at all. That power took you to save Sirius tonight. That power also saved you from possession by Voldemort, because he could not bear to reside in a body so full of the force he detests. In the end, it mattered not that you could not close your mind.  It was your heart that saved you.” -- Dumbledore to Harry in J. K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" 

Friday, August 17, 2018

"It Fed on the Flesh of Its Unknowing Until It Knew" -- Dragon Medicine: A Journey Into the Wilderness of Healing and Revelation

"I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans"
 The dragon within you knows the truth of this world. Hatched in the nest of sorrows, it fed on the flesh of its unknowing until it knew. Ageless, it sets fire to the corpse of an age; ageless, it births the next, where you took your first step. Not in space or time, but in that love being which pervades and envelopes both. You will have so much to say, and to share, but no words, and so little time.
Whoever you are, wherever you stand, (or fall, or kneel, or cr
awl), whatever beauty you hold in your hands, it is priceless, and fleeting, you must pass it on before it is lost forever, it will only be a whisper of what you saw, only the shadow of what you felt, but it may be enough to ignite the next smokeless fire in the throat of the next dragon birthing the next age from the womb of its mistress Maya, dripping in blood and placenta. This is the truth of this world.
   -- Richard Power, "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" (2018)
Speaking on "I, the Dragon" at The Center SF, July 2018
Photo by @BrennaGeehan

In the Tea Room of The Center SF, on the Feast of Mary Magdalene (7/22/18), I presented "Dragon Medicine: A Journey Into Healing and Revelation" for a marvelous gathering of performance artists, yoginis, seekers, tantrikas, occultists, burners, poets and follow travelers.

In the course of the ninety minute offering, I read several excerpts from "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" including "Algorithms of Grace," "Path of Sorcery" and "Special Victims Unit (SVU), I spoke on some of the narrative's major themes including the Anthropocene Age, Sociopathy as a Philosophy of Governance and the Ascendancy of the Feminine in Psyche, and I led breath, sound and meditation practices from the ancient teachings of Kashmir and Tibet. 

Fortunately, my friend and ally Philip Safarik filmed the event. I have posted this digital artifact on my "Spoken Words of Power" You Tube channel and also embedded it in this post.

It would be so easy to assume that you have almost NO ATTENTION SPAN left, and that there is no way you will take this 90 minute journey with me. But I feel that you have a stronger mind and a greater heart capacity than others might expect, I feel like your soul is closer to the surface than some might assume, so here it is ... Nevertheless, just in case, I have also created this table of corresponding times and content, so you can just go straight to one topic or another, and kind of approach this 90 minute journey as a buffet, that you can return to over and over ...
  • 3:52-7:09 Practice: Vijnanabhairava #1 (Breath)
  • 7:09-12:28 Universe, Multiverse, Mysterium
  • 12:30-18:50 The Voice
  • 18:52-20:11 Saga of Healing and Revelation
  • 20:12-23:17 Reading: Algorithms of Grace
  • 23:20-24:39 Hell
  • 24:40-28:50 Reading: SVU (Special Victims Unit)
  • 28:52-31:01 "I Shouldn't Even Be Here ..."
  • 31:02-33:57 Planet-Circumambulating Expert
  • 34:02-39:00 Reading: Path of Sorcery
  • 39:02-42:53 Performance: Mary Power's "Love Arises
  • 42:54-46:03 Practice: Vijnanabhairava #13 (Light)
  • 46:05-52:25 Practice: Vijnanabhairava #15 (Sound)
  • 52:56-53:47 Like All Great Sagas ...
  • 52:50-58:00 The Anthropocene Age and The Singularity
  • 58:01-1:06:50 Sociopathy As A Philosophy
  • 1:06:51-1:08:51 Climate Wars, Climate Refugees
  • 1:08:52-1:11:25 Ascendancy of the Feminine
  • 1:11:27-1:19:26 Reading: How Durga Came to Power
  • 1:19:29-1:21:00 The Medicine of Seven Beasts
  • 1:21:01-1:23:35 Reading: Dragon

This event was the third movement in the "I, the Dragon" book launch.
Wall Mural, Lower East Side, NYC, May 2018

The first movement was an invitation-only private event in NYC on 5/19/18. Hosted by two powerful witches, Kelly Hefner and Clara Markowicz.  
Held in a private space steeped in art and love. On the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Occult, alchemical. Deep in the fierce heart of Gotham. An obsidian stone tossed into a black lake on a moonless night. With waves of powerful magic rippling outward. 
Two blocks from the last place I lived before boarding a Greyhound to blessed exile in Kalifornia, forty one years ago. Circumambulating the building before entering to give my talk, I smiled to discover a wall mural celebrating Blondie, one of the iconic bands of that New Wave / Punk Rock era.

A Glimpse into Rehearsals for @MPOWERDANCE.COMPANY's
Masterwork "Compassions." June 2018.
The second movement consisted of my participation in three consecutive nights' performance of MPOWERDANCE company's  "Compassions," a masterwork of dance, art, film and spoken word.  
Performed to packed audiences on June 22nd, June 23rd and June 24th, at the NOHspace here in San Francisco, "Compassions" featured the bold, beautiful dance and choreography of Mary Power. In a theater transformed by two dozen of Mary's exquisitely primal paintings hanging from the walls. The labyrinthian depths opened up were further illuminated by the sublimely tender, deeply sensual dance of Elaine Santos (@wellness_as_art) and the savagely liberating, shadow-summoning masks of Bart D. Frescura (@frescuraobscura). 
I was honored to hold forth and share readings from "I, the Dragon."

This  campaign will continue online for the next few weeks, and I hope to announce another public event or two (or three) later in the year. 

Meanwhile, you can now receive a signed black and white copy of "I, the Dragon" for a $55 contribution to this campaign, or a numbered and signed limited edition full color copy for a $133 contribution. Funds will be used to produce audio books of both "I, the Dragon" and "Wyrds of Power: New Language for A New Reality" and to promote upcoming events and workshops.  

"I, the Dragon" is currently only available via

It will not be released to or any other commercial platform until 2019. 

Join this magic circle.

-- Richard Power

Saturday, August 11, 2018

New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse, August 11, 2018: What Few Answers There Are

Wall Mural in Chinatown. San Francisco, August 2018.
New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse, August 11, 2018.

The great wheel turns, turns with it. New Moon. (With a partial Solar Eclipse approximately 10 minutes prior). On 8/11/18. At 9:57 UTC, which means 2:57 a.m. in San Francisco, 5:57 a.m. in Brooklyn, 6:57 a.m. in Buenos Aires, 11:57 a.m. in Copenhagen, 12:57 a.m. in Addis Ababa, 3:42 p.m. in Kathmandu and 7:57 p.m. in Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea). Embrace the darkness as it envelopes you. It is the depth of the divine intelligence. It holds what few answers there are.

Another Testimonial

As noted in recent posts, I have received numerous deeply moving testimonials from yoginis, burners, performance artists, tantrikas, poets, musicians, dakinis and other magical creatures who read "I, the Dragon" and resonated with its message.

Here is yet another of these poignant declarations:
  • "Reading Richard's words while in college supplemented a kind of learning, of growth that I wasn't finding in my assigned work, but so desperately wanted. His was the first language that worked on my body like yoga, a poetry that explained little and somehow still delivered me to heights of feeling! Reading 'I, the Dragon' is an experience of transformation, not just a retelling but an active process of reliving. Within its pages, Richard gives us the greatest gift possible: his life." -- Harrison Nir (@just_a_har)

"I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans"
available via
Big, Bold, Eccentric, Complex and Challenging

"Novel" and "autobiographical novel" are loose terms. "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" is not a novel like Emily Bronte's "Jane Eyre," it is a novel like Doris Lessing's "Briefing for A Descent Into Hell." Little dialogue, even less character development. A journey into psyche. Not the recreation of some shared social or familial "reality." A subjective exploration of life and consciousness, not an objective rendering of some aggregate of relationships, personalities or the experiences of others. "Dragon" is as big, bold, eccentric, complex, and challenging as Joyce's "Ulysses" or Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." In time, it may come to be as recognized as such. Like both "Ulysses" and "Leaves," "Dragon" starts its journey privately published, in obscurity. "Dragon" is also a historical document, influenced by '60s-'70s "New Journalism," e.g., Norman Mailer's "Armies of the Night" and Joan Didion's "Slouching Towards Bethlehem." Yes, arrogant boasts, here is another, even more audacious: Not only is "Dragon" a work of stream of consciousness, erotic poetry and gonzo history, it is also a tale of mystical life as important as "Autobiography of A Yogi." Arguably more important, in its relevance to your life here and now, "Dragon" speaks to the psyche and energies of the 21st Century. The world in which we move is very different from that of Yogananda's era. We are moving beyond patriarchy and guru worship, we are moving beyond false dualities of right hand/left hand and light/dark. Of course, the true successor to "Autobiography of A Yogi" is "Autobiography of A Yogini," yes, written by a woman, by women, in numerous and diverse expressions. But "Dragon" establishes a new standard for full spectrum narrative of the mystical quest; it integrates the psychological, political, shamanic and ecological dimensions through which we move on the path of individuation, and it delivers this narrative in new language for a new reality. There is medicine for you and the world in the pages of this book.

Truth, Beauty and the Dark Goddess

I could have written "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" in a way that would have left you weeping uncontrollably (and not from joy), I could have written it in a way that would have terrified you and sent you hiding under the covers, I could have written it in a way that would have you believing that everything happens for a reason, that everything turns out alright and that it's all a oneness of light and love (that version would have been very popular but it would have been a lie). I could have written it in a way that made me look very bad, I could have written it in a way that would have made me look very good. But instead I chose to share a life, a whole life, big, unruly, tender and savage in turns, a life full of loss and resilience, fluctuating between the grotesque and the gorgeous. Consequently, "I, the Dragon" is an intense, challenging read. And some will choose not to journey too far into its shadows. So be it. I serve the Dark Goddess. I serve Truth and Beauty. "I, the Dragon" offers powerful guidance and vital intelligence. I will leave the outcome of it all to the Fates. It would be foolish to imagine it could be any other way.


"I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" is available exclusively via For a $55 donation, you will receive a signed copy of the black and white edition. For a $133 donation, you will receive a signed and numbered copy of the full color limited edition (333 copies). Funds raised will be used to produce audio books of both "I, the Dragon" and "Wyrds of Power" and also to facilitate upcoming book events and workshops.
I invite you to join this magic circle.

-- Richard Power

"I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans"
 available via

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Lughnasadh 2018: Resistance = rEvolution

Thomas Cole - The Course of Empire: Desolation (1836)
  • "Drought turned the surrounding woodland into fuel, strong winds fanned the flames and in just a few hours this week fired consumed the Greek coastal resort of Mati, outside Athens. Homes and hotels were scorched or destroyed, more than 80 people died and many hundreds ran to the sea, seeking refuge from the flames. Mati is the deadliest wildfire of 2018 so far, but the northern hemisphere fire season now extends from June until October, and more death and destruction is inevitable as one of the strongest, longest-lasting global heatwaves in decades continues to envelop countries from Siberia to the Mediterranean, from North America to East Asia. Temperature records keep getting surpassed, and there’s little rain in the forecast for many regions. People have had to be evacuated from Yosemite National Park, Sweden has lost an estimated 30,000 hectares of forest and large areas of bone-dry Latvia, Italy, Finland and Norway have all been blanketed in smoke. The 2018 wildfire season has been dramatic, prompting headlines about the world being on fire, but it is only unusual in that so many places are experiencing major fires at the same time, scientists say. Large blazes wracked Indonesia in 2015, Canada and Spain in 2016, and Chile and Portugal in 2017. In Russia, villages, farmland and more than 1,100 square miles of forest were destroyed in 2010, and again in 2015."  -- John Vidal, Fire, Fire Everywhere: The 2018 Global Wildfire Season Is Already Disastrous, Huffington Post, 7/28/18  

    "The undocumented immigrant from Honduras sobbed as she told an attorney Tuesday how federal authorities took her daughter while she breastfed the child in a detention center, where she was awaiting prosecution for entering the country illegally. When the woman resisted, she was handcuffed, Natalia Cornelio, the attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project, recalled from her interview with the woman, who had been detained under the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy to refer anyone caught crossing the border illegally for federal prosecution ... Some parents who are under arrest tell public defenders they don't know what happened to their children, Nogueras said. Some parents also claim they have been told their children are being taken to be bathed or cleaned up, then the adults don't see them again.  'The government is essentially torturing people by doing this,' Cornelio said. In an interview outside the federal courthouse in McAllen, Nogueras said: 'It depends on who the agent is on that day. They'll be told, 'We're going to separate your kids so they can bathe.' And that's not true.'" -- CNN, She says federal officials took her daughter while she breastfed the child in a detention center, 6/14/18
  • "About half of all plants and animals in 35 of the world's most biodiverse places are at risk of extinction due to climate change, a new report claims. 'Hotter days, longer periods of drought, and more intense storms are becoming the new normal, and species around the world are already feeling the effects,' said Nikhil Advani, lead specialist for climate, communities and wildlife at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The report, a collaboration between the University of East Anglia, the James Cook University, and the WWF, found that nearly 80,000 plants and animals in 35 diverse and wildlife-rich areas -- including the Amazon rainforest, the Galapagos islands, southwest Australia and Madagascar -- could become extinct if global temperatures rise. The 35 places were chosen based on their 'uniqueness and the variety of plants and animals found there,' the WWF said. 'The collected results reveal some striking trends. They add powerful evidence that we urgently need global action to mitigate climate change,' the report said. A corresponding study was also published by the scientific journal Climate Change. If temperatures were to rise by 4.5 degrees Celsius, animals like African elephants would likely lack sufficient water supplies and 96% of all breeding ground for tigers in India's Sundarbans region could be submerged in water." -- Joshua Berlinger, CNN, Global warming puts nearly half of species in key places at risk, 3/14/18
  • "A federal judge on Monday found that U.S. government officials have been giving psychotropic medication to migrant children at a Texas facility without first seeking the consent of their parents or guardians, in violation of state child welfare laws. U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee in Los Angeles ordered the Trump administration to obtain consent or a court order before administering any psychotropic medications to migrant children, except in cases of dire emergencies. She also ordered that the government move all children out of a Texas facility, Shiloh Residential Treatment Center in Manvel, except for children deemed by a licensed professional to pose a 'risk of harm' to themselves or others. Staff members at Shiloh admitted to signing off on medications in lieu of a parent, relative or legal guardian, according to Gee’s ruling. Government officials defended this practice, saying they provided these drugs only on “an emergency basis” when a child’s 'extreme psychiatric symptoms' became dangerous." -- Samantha Schmidt, Trump administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, judge rules, Washington Post, 7/31/18 
Lughnasadh 2018

The great wheel turns.

In the North, Lughnasadh 2018. Midway between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. In the South, Imbolc 2018. Midway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

Feel the dynamism of the planetary polarity?

This Lughnasadh is particularly poignant for three reasons.

First, today, 8/1/18, is also Earth Overshoot Day.
  •  "As of Wednesday, August 1, 2018, we have officially used up all of the Earth's resources for the year — and there are still five months left in the year. Back in 1970, Earth Overshoot Day — the date when humanity as a whole has used up the resources needed to live sustainably for a year — fell on December 29, just two days from the end of the year. But since then, we've been increasingly overshooting the planet's annual natural budget, with that day creeping ever earlier on the calendar. In 2017, that day was August 2. For that day on for the rest of the year, we are running an ecological deficit, depleting local resource stocks through overfishing and overharvesting forests, and emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than ecosystems can absorb. We currently need 1.7 planets to support all of humanity's demand on Earth's ecosystems, according to Global Footprint Network. Each year, the nonprofit research group calculates the date of the Earth Overshoot Day by taking the planet's biocapacity — that is, the amount of natural resources that are available — and dividing it by the amount of resources we've used up. But not all countries are equally to blame for overshooting our natural budget. Higher-income countries use far more resources per year than lower-income countries. Qatar, the richest country in the world as of 2017, has the highest consumption of natural resources on Earth. If the whole population in the world lived like people in Qatar, we would need more than nine planets in total. In comparison, if everyone lived like people in Nigeria or India, we would need only a bit more than half a planet a year. And with the average lifestyle in Vietnam, we would use up exactly one planet." -- Earth Overshoot Day: Time for a radical rethink, Deutsche Welle, 1/18/18
Second, we are only 97 days from the U.S. mid-term elections. 

Our great nation dangles high over a fathomless abyss, and we are gripping the edge of the precipice. Desperately. Holding on. With both hands. 

The right hand is the hope of a great progressive wave in the election, one resulting in a transference of control in one or both houses of Congress.
  • "On the one hand, there are some encouraging portents. Since the 1840s, the president’s party has lost seats in 41 of 44 midterm elections. The pattern has been for the out party to pick up something like 25 seats in the first off-year election after a new president takes office. Trump is of course far less popular than most of his predecessors. And Democratic activism is at a fever pitch. On the other hand, we have a level of voter suppression unprecedented since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 ― purges of the rolls; needlessly stringent ID requirements; games played with polling places and their hours; extreme gerrymandering; and questions about whether systems will be hacked — either by the Russians or by Trumpian locals. According to the Brennan Center, which carefully tracks this mischief, 13 states have added restrictive voter ID requirements since 2010, 11 have new laws making it harder to register, and six cut back on early voting or voting hours. Many of these are the same states. In addition, according to David Daley’s indispensable Ratf**ked: Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count, seven Republican-controlled states resorted to extreme gerrymandering for House districts (and also state legislative seats) after the 2010 census, including key swing states such as North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arizona. As a consequence, Republicans won just 52 percent of the Ohio popular vote for Congress in 2012, but garnered 12 of that state’s 16 congressional seats. In closely divided Michigan, they took nine of the state’s 14 seats. So will the combination of voter suppression and gerrymandering abort the supposed blue wave? I think not. Here are the counterforce: First, there are plenty of vulnerable House seats in states that were not subject to recent voter suppression or gerrymandering efforts. By my count, there are at least 40 such seats, and Democrats need to flip only 23 to take back the House. There are dozens of Republican seats in play in states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oregon, Minnesota and more, where voting systems are basically honest, and there have even been measures to make it easier to vote. Second, extreme gerrymandering, as I’ve previously noted, can backfire ― because it seeks to pack Democrats into a few seats and spread the presumed Republican voters widely to capture the maximum possible number of seats. But in a wave year, there aren’t enough Republican voters to go around, and designer seats are suddenly at risk." -- Robert Kuttner, A Democratic Wave In The Midterms Is Looking More And More Likely, Huffington Post, 7/29/18  
Albert Bierstadt - White Horse and Sunset (c.1863)
The left hand is the hope that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will succeed in bringing the full weight of federal law to bear on enemies foreign and domestic.
  • David Masciotra, Salon: "The crimes of Trump are much worse than even many of his opponents believe. How deep does his criminality run, and what should Americans realize, especially those who feel "bored" or confused by the Russian collusion story?"
    Greg Olear: "... The truth is, the guy’s been mobbed up for decades, with ties to both La Cosa Nostra and Russian organized crime. Trump is a money launderer for the latter, and has been for quite some time. 'Money laundering' sounds cute, like something Danny Ocean and his merry men do, but it’s a euphemism for something unspeakable. The Russian mob has become so vast and successful because it eagerly participates in the worst of the worst: human trafficking, child pornography, sex slavery, opioids, illegal arms deals, blood diamonds — all the grisly, awful stuff that Trump accuses MS-13 of doing. By taking those dirty rubles and making them legitimate, Trump is a party to all of that. The media also likes to forget that Trump is a serial rapist and sexual predator. We can use the 'allegedly' qualifier if you like, but he has bragged about this on many occasions. There are more than 20 accusers now, and I believe them. The kompromat, by the way, does not involve tinkling Moscow prostitutes, but far more heinous activities. This is a person who sexually assaulted a reporter from People magazine at his house -- while his wife was home. You don’t think he’s capable of greater depravity halfway around the world, when he thinks no one is watching? As president, he’s profited mightily from the office, in violation of the emoluments clause [of the U.S. Constitution]. Is he setting national policy to benefit himself and his family? Is there any doubt that he is? Look at how he and Jared Kushner handled Qatar, home to important U.S. military bases. Isn’t that by itself tantamount to treason? Treason is a vague term. Unlike rape or murder or even petty larceny, it’s not visceral. But it’s the worst crime there is, because Trump actively betrayed 330 million Americans. He conspired with the Russians to contaminate the election, he lied about it, he continues to lie about it, and we have yet to find out exactly what he has promised his Russian master. I’d like to think that Americans across the political spectrum would agree that the POTUS should not be a compromised asset of the Russian Federation. Helsinki reaffirmed what I’ve known for two years, and what Hillary told us in the debate: Trump is Putin’s puppet. Has a powerful world leader ever presented as submissively, as weakly, as Trump did in Finland? He makes Neville Chamberlain look like Rambo. Let the record show that it took five paragraphs to outline Trump’s criminality, and I’ve barely scratched the surface." -- Writer Greg Olear on “Dirty Rubles”: Trump is “gravest existential threat” to America in 150 years, Salon, 7/28/18
We will need both hands to pull us up and away from a freefall into utter catastrophe. 

Third, personally, this Lughnasadh leads into the final stretch of my year-long campaign to launch the medicine of my magnum opus into the collective psyche. 

In "I, the Dragon" - A Treasure Map, A Medicine Pouch, A Book of Spells, Part Autobiographical Novel, Part World History, A Saga in the Truest Sense," I quoted some profoundly inspiring testimonials. From yoginis, burners, performance artists, dakinis, poets, witches, healers and fellow travelers who resonated with the book's challenging message. Here are a few more.
  • "Reading 'I, The Dragon' I was struck by the tests, trials & tribulations Richard has endured that began as a young child and have woven throughout his life. And I sense the hero’s journey he has lived, learning to rely on his intuition ... To forgive is not to forget. The true hero must undergo a death and resurrection in order to progress. Richard has achieved this multiple times within his life, emerging each time to a higher level of understanding and release. His story is raw and penetrating and touched me at the depth of my being." -- Wendy Ellsworth
  • "This novel has me engrossed. The title alone set me into a completely compelling desire to get absorbed in the secrets of each page. Richard Power your words infuse my soul with Musings of the worlds unseen. I can’t seem to put this book down. Thank you for your honesty, your courage, your truth. I’m honored to know you." -- Alita Arose (@alitaarose)
  • "Time for a new read, one that will compel your attention for the next few decades? I have a recommendation for you. Within Richard Power's luminous autobiography I, THE DRAGON are tales of global intelligence and espionage, sexual magic, of horrific abuse and exquisite transcendence, told in waves and incantations. Statues and stones speak, and pour archetypes into the author and the reader alike. That is the magic of telling one’s story. It becomes everyone’s story. It always was, through the magic of the akashic record or the planetary egregoire or the Zeitgeist or the collective unconscious. But its power is multiplied a zillionfold when it is told on purpose, told out loud, told to an audience, especially one who will understand and respect it well. For this telling is not some shallow celebrity memoir of rubbing elbows and surface gossip. This is deep and high, this telling. This is a wild precise elegant rampage of the Goddess Herself in a man’s life, a man who has carried fire for the whole world and a man I’m pleased and honored to call my friend." -- Emily Shurr
  • "The book I cannot put down and at the same time I have to put down to catch my breath." -- Lalyn Curtis, @breathingskyhealingarts 
Released on Winter Solstice 2018, "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" is only available via and is not currently available on Amazon or any other commercial platform. Funds raised will go to produce audio books of both "I, the Dragon" and "Wyrds of Power: New Language for A New Reality" and facilitate public events.

-- Richard Power

Richard Power's "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans"
Available via 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day 2018: Resistance = rEvolution

At the Golden Gate. San Francisco. April 2018. 
With the Oval Office occupied by a usurper acting as an agent of a foreign power and Capitol Hill in the grip of the Zombie Cult and its Death Eater overlords, sociopathy as a philosophy of governance reigns, with only the Deep State, the Fourth Estate and We, the People Indivisible holding the line against a free fall into utter madness. 

As Noam Chomsky has said over and over again since early on in the 2016 election cycle, "the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in the history of the world."
  • “It’s a threat to the country,” William Ruckelshaus, whom President Richard Nixon appointed in 1970 to lead the newly-created EPA, told HuffPost in a wide-ranging interview ... "They certainly are killing everything,” he added, noting that President Donald Trump’s assault on climate change policies would be a cornerstone of his legacy ... Last week, three former EPA administrators told HuffPost it could take decades for the next agency chief to restore the staffing, reputation and regulatory muscle lost under Pruitt." -- Alexander C. Kaufman, EPA Chief Under Nixon And Reagan: GOP’s Climate Denial Is ‘Killing Everything,' Huffington Post, 1/27/18
On this grim Earth Day in the U.S.A., lean forward into the great shift.

Remember, crimes against nature = crimes against humanity.

Remember, resistance = rEvolution.

Here are some defining principles from Earth Democracy, a vital text by the great Vandana Shiva:
  1. All species, peoples, and cultures have intrinsic worth.
  2. The earth community is a democracy of all life.
  3. Diversity in nature and culture must be defended.
  4. All beings have a natural right to sustenance. 
  5. Earth democracy is based on living economies (that is, living ecological systems) and economic democracy.
  6. Earth democracy is based on local economies: economies that provide direct subsistence from nature rather than from extractive global markets.
  7. Earth democracy is a participatory democracy in which people have knowledge and power to influence actions that effect their lives and livelihood.
  8. The human cultures of an earth democracy promote peace and create free spaces for the practice of different faiths and identifies.
  9. Cultures in an earth democracy are life nourishing. 
  10. Earth democracy globalizes peace, care and compassion. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

"I, the Dragon" - A Treasure Map, A Medicine Pouch, A Book of Spells, Part Autobiographical Novel, Part World History, A Saga in the Truest Sense

I, the Dragon" is part autobiographical novel, part world history, a fierce exploration of psyche (creative imagination), soma (embodiment) and spanda (divine pulsation). "I, the Dragon" is the tale of a life-long journey into the wilderness of revelation, a saga of savage beauty offered up to the dark goddess. The narrative flow spans six decades. Borne with psychic gifts, a severely abused child escapes the hell of his "home" and plunges into a labyrinth of adventure. A feral creature, he lives on the run. Searching for soul sustenance, he sheds skins one after another: political activist, Dionysian, nihilist, Bhakti poet ... But that's just the beginning ... 

"I, the Dragon" is a treasure map of previously uncharted wilderness left behind for those who seek mystical riches. "I, the Dragon" is a medicine pouch for those leaning forward into the Great Shift that we must undertake if our species is to evolve. "I, the Dragon" is a book of spells offering occult knowledge and powerful techniques for deepening your intimate relationship with the Mysterium itself. "I, the Dragon" is not only the story of a life-long journey into mystical revelation and healing, it is also partly a political, ecological, geopolitical and cultural history of the last six decades.  

How did a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and physical neglect become a planet-circumambulating expert on security and intelligence? How did a forsaken boy who didn’t even finish grammar school end up a “Distinguished Fellow" in the engineering school of a major university? How did an acknowledged seer in the shadow realms of cyber war, terrorism and economic espionage transition into a teacher of yoga and meditation? What does the path of healing through somatic psycho-therapy look like from the inside out? How does one move through soul-shattering grief? When did the dark goddess come to reign over this wayfarer's life? What were the seven beasts that came to him over the years? What powerful medicines did they share? 

"I, the Dragon" is a saga in the truest sense. A child imprisoned in a hellhole of madness and sexual abuse escapes into a life of adventure, becoming in turn a libertine, a nihilist, a planet-circumambulating seer in the shadow realms of espionage, cyber crime and terror, and ultimately a poet-philosopher offering a 21st century expression of occult truths and primal reality. 

Like all great sagas, "I, the Dragon" is also a history of our times. The six-decade arc of the narrative spans Gaia's descent into Anthropogenic Climate Disruption and the Sixth Great Extinction and also America's crisis of democracy from the political assassinations of the 1960s to the Trumpster Fire, the Zombie Cult and the Death Eater Lords.

I had a joyful insight recently, a vision of just how this memoir might read to those (however few) who come across it in the future. I am grateful for how much this work captures, the feeling of these last six decades, i.e., the forward movement of herstory (formerly known as "history") and of planetary evolution itself, the best of times and the worst of times. I am also very grateful for just how much medicine I was fortunate enough to share in the folds of the narrative; powerful medicines offered to me by the dark goddess herself and by her agents here on Terra, rooted, winged, four-legged, slithering, swimming, molten rock ... 

I hope you feel called to become one of the three hundred and thirty three beings in the magic circle of this limited edition. The Great Shift is upon us, this book may serve you well along the way.

Here are a few testimonials from gifted beings, performance artists, yoginis, burners, sorceresses, writers, allies in shared circles of influence:
  • "Captivating, riveting. A wild ride of a read. The wisdom of an incredible man whose precious life was recovered from the heart and soul of a young boy." -- Helena Zera (@vyanayoga)
  • "I'm so moved by your transparency... Your book is a gift. It will help heal many hearts. Including mine." -- Kim Amadril (@undertherug)
  • "Richard Power is one of the most relevant writers of our time. As the world moves deeper into chaos, Richard presents his personal saga, 'I, the Dragon,' as proof that one can come from complete madness, see how madness is effecting humanity politically, economically, environmentally, and yet still find healing and the ability to love unconditionally." -- Brenna Geehan (@brennageehans),
  • "No words to describe what your words do to me. Thank you. You changed my life." -- Maya Luna, Dakini Poetess,
  • "Reading and re-reading Richard.... what has struck me most strongly about 'I the Dragon' is the beauty of the lyricism in some of the narrative passages... the content is yours (you lived it) yet I, the reader, own the breath, joy and tears that all rise with each turned page .... its a staggering work of memoir and literature, so much so I want to take this copy to Sligo, place it on W.B's grave stone, photograph it and send it to you...." -- Kevin McLaughlin, Burner, Photographer, Donegal, Ireland
  • "'I, the Dragon: Chronicles of an Epic Life Among Humans' is more than an incredible work of art. Richard Power delivers a personal nakedness never before shown, one that breathes healing into the deepest shadow of torture and survival. A most important work, masterfully written in three styles: porn cult-classic, polished blade of a global security expert and literary philosopher-poet. An undercurrent exists throughout this book, taking us beyond the desolation of his experience. Power never fails to find a way that leads us all into a new green oasis." -- Mary Power,
  • "Yes, 'I, the Dragon' arrived just in time to begin savoring it in conjunction with blood blue moon. Which as we know is as it had to be. It is remarkable and anchoring and fracturing, all at once. A shard of reality in these illusion-filled times." -- Jennifer Ruth Keller (PhD, Standford University, Author of "Ordinary Oblivion and the Self Unmoored: Reading Plato's Phaedrus and Writing the Soul" Fordham University Press, 2014)
  • "The first one hundred pages (which I read in a single sitting) chronicles the glamorous, sexual, political and intellectual journey of a boy born into a world of unspeakable abuse and horror. At twenty four years of age he boards a bus heading for San Francisco. I take a breath, shed more than a few tears and prepare to continue the journey. There are three hundred pages yet to experience ..." -- David Thompson 
  • "Richard Power is a dear friend, soul brother, true blue ally, real-life magician, 21st-century bard, fountain of authentic wisdom, and all-around extraordinary human. I am blessed to have him in my life and now the world is blessed to have his memoirs in the collective consciousness. 'Epic Life' is not an exaggeration! Richard's life and work is a channeled articulation of the most profound Truths about the human experience, conveyed with wit, brillianceii, poetry and pathos. I love this man SO MUCH. THANK YOU, dear wizard, from the bottom of my heart, for existing and for delivering this gift to a planet in desperate need. Grab your limited-edition copy by clicking on the link below and donating as generously as you are able." -- Sarah Hendlish (@sarah_dlish)
"I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" is a limited edition (333 copies) full color, soft cover book of 405 pages, richly illustrated and annotated; this magical artifact is available exclusively via

Proceeds from this campaign will fund audio books of both "I, the Dragon" and "Wyrds of Power: New Language for A New Reality" (my most important works) and also to promote public events and workshops throughout 2018.

2018 is a pivotal year in my work. If you resonate with my writings, if you feel my voice is important and should be heard, I encourage you to participate:

-- Richard Power

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Drawing on the Medicine of the Seven Beasts, the Shadow of the Dark Goddess and the Hidden Treasures of the Mysterium Itself ...

This first photo of these two works side by side in the physical universe marks the culmination of a nine-year run of intense creative endeavor.

Part autobiographical novel, part world history, I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans speaks to the existential crisis of our age and offers insights on the way forward for both the individual and the collective. I, the Dragon tells the story of a child who survives profound sexual and psychological abuse and how that child becomes a planet-circumambulating expert in the shadow realms of espionage, cyber crime and terror. Drawing on the medicine of the Seven Beasts, the shadow of the Dark Goddess and the hidden treasures of the Mysterium itself, I, the Dragon tells the story of a life-long journey into the wilderness of healing and revelation.

I, the Dragon is a limited edition (333 copies), soft-cover, full-color book, with 405 pages, 115 images and 83 footnotes. Each copy is numbered and signed. I, the Dragon is available exclusively via

Wyrds of Power: New Language for A New Reality constitutes a significant contribution to the emerging global wisdom tradition of the 21st Century. Several overarching themes frame this dispatch from the Ancient Future: the Evolution of Yoga and the Yoga of Evolution, the Ascendancy of the Feminine in Psyche (Human and Divine), Gaian Poetics, i.e., our intimate, creative relationship with the vast planetary intelligence within which we live, move and have our being, Altruism and Sustainability as Spiritual (and Existential) Imperatives and Path of an Evolutionary, i.e., a call to the great shift to a green civilization required of us if our species is to survive.

The funds raised through the I, the Dragon Limited Edition campaign will be used to produce audio books of both I, the Dragon and Wyrds of Power and to promote upcoming events and workshops.
Here are four readings from "I, the Dragon" embedded via SoundCloud (I have also included hyperlinks in case the embeds don't appear for those receiving this post through e-mail subscription):

Algorithms of Grace

Path of Sorcery

Spanish Moss


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Monday, January 01, 2018

Vital Resistance Artifacts to Bring Forward into 2018 - "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans"

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 
Kylo Ren: Did you come back to say you forgive me? To save my soul?
Luke Skywalker: No. [They draw their lightsabers and fight]
Luke Skywalker: I failed you, Ben. I'm sorry.
Kylo Ren: I'm sure you are! The Resistance is dead, the war is over, and when I kill you, I will have killed the last Jedi!
Luke Skywalker: Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong. The Rebellion is reborn today. The war is just beginning. And I will not be the last Jedi.

Two vital artifacts of the Resistance, two blockbuster epics, offered for your consideration --

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In the Star Wars universe, power (often embodied in an ability to control the Force) is indeed a potent corruptor, one that’s hard to walk away from once you’ve gotten a taste. This is what lies behind the stories of the villainous Sith order, but it’s a tension that the heroic Jedi face, too. In The Last Jedi, the factors determining how power will be wielded and yielded are an awareness of history and — most importantly — a connection to that history through the people around you. It would spoil the story to say much more, but in several key scenes, characters face a choice between following the right path and disconnecting from their pasts and from others. The choice is clear, and the images near the film’s end underline it in moving fashion. That’s nothing new for Star Wars, which has always been a space opera about a family. But this particular iteration drives home that point in a manner that feels, on the tail end of a wearying year, like a deep point of relief, and even joy. Watching lengthy sequences involving heroic, complex characters played by black and Asian and Latinx characters, we can see a future worth living in. Being told that one character was “more interested in protecting the light than she was in seeming like a hero” is a reminder about wielding power well that feels deeply truthful and necessary today. I didn’t grow up with Star Wars, or much pop culture at all. I only saw the films as an adult, and while I’ve always liked them, I never connected to them the way so many people have; whatever it was they were trying to give me never really found its place in my heart. I went to The Last Jedi with high expectations because of the talent behind it, but I was prepared to just have a good time. And I walked out feeling many emotions, but especially something like hope, that elusive thing with feathers (though hope, to be clear, is not a porg). I felt expectant, and I believed not just that what the movie was saying was true — that even a small band of people with purpose, conviction, and a good, true story to tell can carry on in the face of evil — but that there’s a special power to saying it in a movie Star Wars has been with us for four decades now, telling that same essential story in a format that’s overwhelming and engulfing. With wit, skill, and love, The Last Jedi takes up the torch and carries it for a new generation. -- Alissa Wilkinson, The Last Jedi is A Magnificent Next Step for the Star Wars Universe, Vox, 12/16/17

I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans

EXCERPT: The Triune Goddess herself wrote the Book of Creation. With a quill made from one of her plume feathers. Dipped in an ink pot that held her own rainbow blood. She dreamt each of the sacred symbols. And then she painted them one by one, page by page. The Triune Goddess herself tore the pages from the Book and shuffled them as if they were a deck of cards. And so they are. This is how divination came to be. The Triune Goddess established the cycles, just as if she was choreographing a dance. In their ignorance and greed, the humans are disrupting the cycle of the seasons and the planetary balance upon which civilization itself is predicated. But even the humans cannot disrupt the solar cycle. And so the Solstice has arrived. Light. Dark. North. South. Winter. Summer. Deepest. Darkest. Highest. Brightest. Zenith. Nadir. All. At once. Forever. Feel this. Primordial. Power. Shuffle the cards. Read the signs. Divine the truth. The Triune Goddess herself tore the pages from the Book and shuffled them as if they were a deck of cards. The Triune Goddess herself wrote the Book of Creation. With a quill from one of her plume feathers. Dipped in an ink pot that held her own rainbow blood. She dreamt each of the sacred symbols. She established the cycles. And so Solstice has arrived. Again. Feel this. Primordial. Power. Her hand is still moving ... -- Richard Power, "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" (January 2018).

"I, the Dragon" Limited Edition available exclusively via this link --

EXCERPT: The beauty is almost unbearable; likewise the pain. The joy will drive you mad. The immeasurable ignorance will overwhelm you. The unspeakable ugliness will shatter whatever you imagine your "heart" to be, scattering it into countless, irretrievable and very real shards. Yes. Yet you will choose to lean forward, discovering (as if in slow motion) what your heart truly is. You will vow to fiercely engage with all of it, and to bear relentless witness. There is no other authentic way for YOU to live. Leaning forward into the all-consuming darkness is the essential nature of light. Devouring the sublime flash of soul lightening (and transmuting it into the fuel of the cosmic engine) is the essential nature of darkness. This is the exquisite truth of our sojourn here. -- Richard Power, "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" (January 2018)

"I, the Dragon" Limited Edition available exclusively via this link --

EXCERPT: Grace is the universe's spontaneous uprising of pleasure at what you have chosen to do with the opportunity it has given you. The universe's assessment of where you are and what you are doing has no relationship at all to human value judgements, that's why grace seems to arise from nowhere and for no reason. The algorithms which govern the overflowing of grace are secret and known only to the seven goddesses embodied in a hot blue star cluster 444.2 light years away. But you have direct and immediate access to that circle of seven star goddesses. Your innate, original conscience is a portal. Your creative will is a portal. Your unconditional love is a portal. Through these portals the seven goddesses bear witness to your journey; through these portals you open yourself up to receive their boon of grace. All the people I couldn't be have made me the person I am. All the things I couldn't do have allowed me to do the things I do. For better and worse. That's the best deal I could make. Grace is always rising, always flowing, always surging. But will you embrace the numerous plot twists through which she reveals her true nature? Can you see through to the flesh of luminosity behind her many extravagant disguises? If you succeed in extracting your innate, original conscience from the misshapen pretender borne of dysfunction (both societal and familial), if you unleash your creative will to roam the wilderness of your shadow, if you offer your unconditional love to the lost and the wounded who are journeying alongside you, if, if, if, then all of the portals will open for you, one after another. The algorithms which govern the overflowing of grace are secret and known only to the seven goddesses embodied in a hot blue star cluster 444.2 light years away. But you have direct and immediate access to that circle of seven star goddesses. This is the truth. -- Richard Power, "I, the Dragon: Chronicles of An Epic Life Among the Humans" (January 2018)

"I, the Dragon" Limited Edition available exclusively via this link --