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Soaring, Sol and Shadow, Incantations on the Far Shore

NOTE: Here are five images from my Instagram feed, crows and gulls soaring in Sol and Shadow, over Ocean Beach; with accompanying excerpts from four of the five volumes in my Primal Reality series. -- Blessings, Richard Power

We exist, simultaneously, in absolute aloneness and utter relationality. We are utterly alone, and yet we exist ONLY as a sum of relationships. This paradox is the divine reality. Every great wisdom teaching, whether of the heart, or the mind or the belly or the root, is framed within this divine paradox, and built upon a foundational realization of this divine paradox. Those who embrace it are on the path of realizing the truth of the universe and the self. Those who resist it are also on the path of realizing the truth of the universe and the self, but they are robbing themselves of the richness that is theirs to spend, and the power that is theirs to exercise, and so it is a more circuitous route. It is as simple as this, at every moment, the choice is ours. It does not matter what choices you have made in the past, they have all brought you here anyway. It only matters what you choose next. And the same will be true in the moment that follows this one. On and on. Yes. -- Richard Power, User's Guide to Human Incarnation: Yoga of Primal Reality (2013), p.65 Ocean Beach. San Francisco, March 2016. #notruthsoutsidethegatesofeden #thegreatwheelturns #wildmagic #shamanicpower #tantrikaknows #lifeofayogi #passionofthepoet #savagebeauty #tantrikaknows #tantrikaknows
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Meditation is not stillness, either in the body or the mind. There is no stillness in this universe. There are only ever more refined levels of vibration. Seated meditation, although efficacious, is not the definition of meditation, nor is a mind without fluctuations or tangents the goal of meditation. Meditation is not the absence of movement, either in the body or in the mind. If you do not understand the nature of the process, how will you recognize its results? Meditation must occupy the same space as movement, both in the body and in the mind. Movement is meditation. -- Richard Power, Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Ancient Future (2015), pp. 118-119 Ocean Beach. San Francisco, March 2016. #whatismeditationreallyis #ancientfuture #cauldronyoga #savagebeauty #tavernofruin #wildmagic #notruthsoutsidethegatesofeden #lifeofayogi #passionofthepoet #tantrikaknows
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There is infinite power available to you, at every moment, and in all circumstances. It is the very substance of the universe. It cannot fail you. The trick is that you must decide how to shape the inner vessel with which to receive this power, and of course, you must also have a vision of what you will use it for. It is impossible to undo what has been done, or erase what has been written. But if you draw on the infinite power of the universe to discern the reality of what is, and thereby align yourself with that reality, then you will see your choices clearly, and be free to live from within the ceaseless current of that power for as long as you draw the breath of this life, and yes, of course, beyond. This is not something that you have to turn to any teacher for. This is not something you have to pay for, or work toward. This is who and what you are now. -- Richard Power, User's Guide to Human Incarnation: Yoga of Primal Reality (2013), p.15 Ocean Beach. San Francisco, March 2016. #savagebeauty #tavernofruin #wildmagic #whatismeditationreallyis #cauldronyoga #passionofthepoet #lifeofayogi #thegreatwheelturns #shamanicpower #tantrikaknows
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Time is not linear; nor space three-dimensional. Strange when those who know this, act as if it were not true. If you study history from past to future, or study space by height, width and depth only, then you are just lost in your mind. It is love that frees you from the chalk-line of linear time and the confines of geometric space. Our being is a continuum, vast past, vast future, vast now; intimate, luminous, exquisite. Of course, linear time is acutely real; its reality is relativity, but it is nonetheless real. Likewise, three-dimensional space is acutely real, although relative. The scientist starts from linear time and three-dimensional space and journeys beyond them; the shaman starts from beyond linear time and three-dimensional space and journeys toward them. Both travelers arrive at the same destination in the end; it is called the beginning. -- Humanifesto: A Guide to Primal Reality to An Era of Global Peril (2012), p. 53 Ocean Beach. San Francisco, March 2016. #savagebeauty #tavernofruin #wildmagic #thegreatwheelturns #shamanicpower #lifeofayogi #passionofthepoet #notruthsoutsidethegatesofeden #tantrikaknows
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The Primal Reality series includes (in reverse chronological order):
All five volumes are available in both softcover and Kindle versions via Amazon.com.

For more information on the work of Richard Power, author, speaker, yoga teacher, visit http://wordsofpower.net

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Great Wheel Turns: Full Moon. Solstice. June 2016.

Full Moon, Solstice. San Francisco, June 2016.

The Great Wheel rolls on. Ceaselessly. Move with it. The Grail overflows. Lift it to your lips.

Full Moon and Solstice on Monday, 6/20/16 and Tuesday 6/21/16. Yes!

Full Moon on Monday, 6/20/16 at 11:02 UTC, which means 1:02 am in Tahiti, 4:02 am in San Francisco, 7:02 am in Brooklyn, 11:02 am in Timbuktu, 1:02 pm on Copenhagen, 4:32 pm in Varanasi and 8:02 pm in Ulaan Baator (Mongolia).

Solstice at 22:34 UTC on Monday, which means Summer Solstice at 3:34 pm in San Francisco, Brooklyn at 6:34 pm, and on Tuesday at 12:34 am in Copenhagen and 7:34 am in Ulaan Baator, and Winter Solstice at 7:34 pm in Buenos Aires, and on Tuesday at 12:34 am in Johannesburg and at 8:34 am in Sydney. Embrace the polarity.

The Great Wheel turns. Ceaselessly. Move with it. The Grail overflows. Lift it to your lips.

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-- Richard Power 

Richard Power is the author of eleven books, including most recently, "Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Ancient Future," along with the other four volumes of his "Primal Reality" series, all of which are  available in both softcover and Kindle versions via Amazon.com.

For information, visit Power's Amazon author's page.

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Fear and Loathing in the Year of the Yang Fire Monkey #2: Lessons of 2000 and 2008

Evelyne Axell -- Angela Davis II (1972)

“Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. senators and congress members. So now we’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect and sometimes get favors for themselves after the election’s over." -- Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Thom Hartmann Show, 7/28/15

"There used to be a quip that the United States was a one-party state with a business party that had two factions: the Democrats and Republicans—and that used to be pretty accurate, but it’s not anymore. The U.S. is still a two-party state, but there’s only one faction, and it’s not Democrats, it’s moderate Republicans. Today’s Democrats have shifted to the right," -- Noam Chomsky, RT, 10/9/13

Fear and Loathing in the Year of the Yang Fire Monkey #2: Lessons of 2000 and 2008

NOTE: For many weeks, I have told myself I need to write you another post about this election cycle, but every week, I have put it off again, hoping somehow that the narrative would change, and I could offer you a different take on it all. But the cycle will soon be moving into a new phase, so the time has come to say something about where we find ourselves at this juncture. There will likely be two or three more posts before the election. It depends on several factors. The narrative is still developing. There are some wicked plot twists coming, perhaps even some mind-blowing ones.

Meanwhile ...

There are some profound lessons to be drawn from two previous presidential elections, 2008 and 2000.  It is vital that you consider these lessons before you make a decision about November.

Lessons of the 2008 Election

In 2008, Senator Clinton ran as if she was the presumptive nominee. But when her weaknesses as a political leader and as a communicator became undeniable, her campaign was overtaken from behind by that of Barack Obama. Of course, Senator Obama was successful because he could operate in two worlds at once, yes, on the campaign trail he could speak with authenticity to disenfranchised multitude (particular young voters) in a way that inspired hope, while at the same he was able to reassure the Party establishment and its Wall Street donors that he would not allow the uprising to get out of control, i.e., he was a centrist who could effectively deliver a populist message. Obama seized the nomination, wisely chose Joe Biden as his running mate and went on to defeat McCain/Palin.

I have a list of bones I would pick with POTUS in an exit interview (e.g., his administration's policies on Darfur, and its treatment of national security whistle-blowers), but in truth the sum total of the bones I would pick does not outweigh the sum total of what Obama-Biden was able to accomplish in spite of Zombie Death Cult control of the House and the Senate for most of the last eight years.

What accomplishments?
  1. Genuine U.S. support for the COP 21 Climate agreement arrived at in Paris late last year. 
  2. Blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline. 
  3. The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), which, although it is not Medicare for all (which is what we must evolve toward), has nonetheless provided allowed tens of millions of poor and low income citizens to get authentic health insurance, and could have been even more successful if it had not been thwarted by Zombie Death Cult control over states like Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas and New Jersey. 
  4. Not only avoiding war with Iran, but negotiating an agreement that should result in thwarting Iranian nuclear weapons program,  if left in place and not undermined by factions in Tehran or Beltwayistan. (This deal would not have happened if either McCain or Hillary Clinton had been elected President in 2008. She wanted that conflict, as her Margaret Thatcher moment. Furthermore, this deal would not have happened if John Kerry had not replaced Hillary Clinton as Secretary.) 
  5. In February 2015, Obama's FCC adopted his recommendation (made in November 2014) to "reclassify Internet service providers as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, treating them as public utilities, like phone service," and thus enshrining the essential principle of Net Neutrality. Well, at least until the next President appoints her or his own FCC
  6. Two worthy SCOTUS appointments, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. And, as a result of Scalia's death, Obama could potentially secure a third SCOTUS seat, throwing the Court back to a 5/4 SANITY edge if a lame duck Senate (or a new Senate controlled by Democrats) decides it would rather confirm Garland than gamble on whoever the next President nominates. The death of Scalia and the potential of a power shift in the Senate would mean end to the madness of treating corporations as persons and money as speech.
  7. Normalizing relations with Cuba. 
  8. Consider this extraordinary moment, the first African American woman Attorney General of the United States striding up to the microphone to commit the full weight of the United State Justice Department in defense of transgender persons in North Carolina:  US Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Transgender Law North Carolina May 9, 2016
NONE of these eight positive steps forward would have been taken in a McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan administration, arguably some of them would not have been taken by Clinton (in particular, scuttling XL Pipeline and negotiating an agreement with Iran). It is also important to note that some of these accomplishments (in particular, COP 21, XL Pipeline and Net Neutrality) were carried through in response to strong pressure from an engaged and growing progressive base. But a McCain/Palin administration would have been impervious to such pressure. Whatever Clinton does or doesn't do if elected, she will be answerable to the engaged and growing progressive base, as she looks ahead to re-election in 2020. If Trump is elected, he will be answerable only to the Zombie Cult and its Death Eater Overlords, IF to anyone at all.

So please don't tell me there is no difference between the two parties. It is a foolish statement.

Diego Rivera - Night of the Rich (1928)
Unfortunately, it is increasingly unlikely that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will be able to do in 2016 what Barack Obama did in 2008, i.e., take down the Clinton juggernaut from behind. Not because Sanders doesn't have the popular support, or is any less effective a communicator. But because Sanders has only half of Obama's winning combination on his side. He has the popular support and the populist message. But he does not have the behind-the-curtain establishment support, he is not a candidate that could or would reassure Wall Street and the lobbying class on the down low. Because Sanders actually is a progressive populist. Which means that the Super Delegates won't be won over by him. They won't defect. Even if/when Sanders wins the California primary. They will stick with Clinton, because she will not chase the money lenders from the temple, e.g., she will not bring back the Glass-Steagal Act. And so Sanders is at a distinct disadvantage in the Byzantine realm of delegate aggregation, and Clinton will probably survive, in spite of her political weaknesses.
Diego Rivera - Night of the Poor (1928)

Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

But whatever happens in July or November, Bernie Sanders has already won. He has raised up a movement, given it language, and framed it historically, and hopefully it will move on beyond his candidacy to drive us toward the great shift we must undertake if we are to survive the deepening challenges that confront us.

Consider the crowds he has drawn on the campaign trail.

"Despite the mainstream media’s repeated assertions that the Bernie Sanders movement is now a thing of the past, enthusiasm from his base only seems to be growing, based on the overwhelming number of people who flocked to his rally in Sacramento this Monday night. Supporters lined up for over four hours to see Senator Sanders outside Bonney Field — some of them even longer. The following video by Our Voice Media shows the massive scope of the line, as the videographers take several minutes to drive from one end of the line to the other. Somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 people were estimated to have been packed inside the stadium, with more than 10,000 more continuing to wait outside." -- Nathan Wellman, U.S. Uncut, Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs California Stadium Beyond Capacity. 5/11/16

Consider the strong progressive voices he has forced on to the Platform Committee.

"Sanders has won a sufficient number of delegates—and a sufficient opening in the debate—to influence the shaping of that agenda. And his representatives on the convention’s newly selected platform-writing committee share a commitment to make it profoundly progressive. Take the issue of climate change, as an example. Sanders has secured a place for author, activist, and 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben, on the 15-person Platform Drafting Committee—which is responsible for outlining the platform that will eventually be approved at the party’s late-July convention in Philadelphia ... The Sanders selections are all noted progressives: Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Keith Ellison, academic and activist Cornel West (the author of the groundbreaking 1994 book Race Matters and a leading member of Democratic Socialists of America), Native American activist and former Tulalip Tribes Vice Chair Deborah Parker (a key advocate for reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act), and Arab-American Institute President James Zogby (a veteran of many conventions who was an adviser to the campaigns of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Vice President Al Gore and President Obama)." -- John Nichols, Democratic Platform Committee Now Has a Progressive Majority. Thanks, Bernie Sanders. The Nation, 5/24/16

The Sanders campaign has framed the progressive agenda for a new generation, THE transformational generation, AND in the process an authentic movement has begun to take shape, a movement on the right side of history, poised to push in the direction of sanity and survival as we teeter here on the cusp between renewal and oblivion.

"I like the idea of saying, 'We can do much more,' because we can," [Vice President] Biden told The New York Times in an interview ... Sanders' critics -- most notably surrogates for his primary opponent Hillary Clinton and the candidate, herself -- often question how realistic his proposals are, but Biden dismissed that concern. "I don't think any Democrat's ever won saying, 'We can't think that big — we ought to really downsize here because it's not realistic,'" Biden said. "C'mon man, this is the Democratic Party! I'm not part of the party that says, 'Well, we can't do it.'" -- Joe Biden praises Bernie Sanders for 'thinking big', CNN, 4/22/

Lessons of the 2000 Election

What lesson does the election of 2000 hold for us today? The most important lesson of all. The one many of you don't want to hear again. But it is more timely than ever before.

I spent the 1990s defending the Clintons from the "vast right-wing conspiracy" (yes, she was spot-on). And whenever anyone raised an issue concerning one of the Clinton administration's corporatist moves, e.g., so-called "Welfare reform" or NAFTA or the Telecommunications Act of 1996, I would say, "We'll fix it later." But of course "later" never came. Gore never got a chance. Significant sabotage was undertaken in the state of Fraudida, and then Supreme Injustice kicked in and Bush and Cheney were installed as _resident and VICE _resident by a ruling that was tantamount to a judicial coup d'etat (read None Dare Call It Treason).

Yes, yes, but what does this have to do with 2016?

In the final weeks of the 2000 presidential campaign, the shell of a man formerly known as Ralph Nader went around the country saying that there was "no difference between voting for Bush or Gore." No difference. He was unequivocal. He spent some time in the final days of the campaign, in Florida, repeating this axiom over and over: "no difference between voting for Bush or Gore." Seriously. Well, allegedly, the election ended in a electoral college dead heat, and it all came down to Florida, and we were supposed to believe the two campaigns were fighting over just a few hundred votes. There is much more to this story. And I have written about it on this blog, and others have documented it in various ways. But all that's important here is that tens of thousands of Floridians bought into lie being perpetrated by the shell of a man formerly known as Ralph Nader (he is too intelligent for it not to be a willful lie). If even half of those who voted for the shell of a man formerly known as Ralph Nader in Florida in 2000 had voted for Gore instead, Rove, Baker, Scalia et al would not have been able to steal that election. Seriously.

Which would have meant certainly no mad invasion of Iraq, certainly no malign neglect of the city of New Orleans in the hours before or the days after Hurricane Katrina, certainly no gutting of the budget surplus for a tax cut skewed to the richest among us, certainly no abandonment of the Kyoto Accords and therefore no lost eight years in the struggle to come to grips with the Climate Crisis, and very probably no slaughter of the innocents on 9/11 since Clinton-Gore were already prepping a hit on Bin Laden's lair, and Gore would not have IGNORED the national security council staff and CIA analysts who were warning of imminent attack, nor would Bin Laden have been allowed to escape Tora Bora unchallenged, and on and on and on, no PATRIOT Act, no sanctioned violations of the Geneva Accords, NO TORTURE, no shredding of the Bill of Rights, and on and on ...

Edward S. Curtis - Mohave Water Carrier (1903)
So please don't tell me there is no difference between the two parties. Even now, even if this contest comes down to Trump vs. Hillary Clinton with her neoliberal economics and her neocon geopolitics. Seriously. And I am not asking you to heed me, I am asking you to wait and see for yourself what Sen. Bernie Sanders does should he lose the nomination. What stand will he take? What will he encourage you to do? If you are truly #bernieorbust shouldn't you consider what he has to say before you sit it out or throw away your vote?

And while you are waiting for what Sanders has to say after the Democratic race is decided ...

Consider what the indomitable Angela Davis recently said in the starkest, simplest terms:

Famed activist and academic Angela Davis on Friday urged voters to “do whatever is necessary” to avoid a Donald Trump presidency, Fusion reports. Davis, who is Distinguished Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness at U.C. Santa Cruz, was speaking at the Brooklyn Museum in New York on Friday, where she was recognized for her commitment to advocacy. Davis cautioned against allowing GOP candidate Donald Trump to take the election in November. “We talked about the emergence of new movements, but what we haven’t referred to is the extent to which racism has been revealed and in ways that many of us, who are seasoned activists, had thought to be consigned to dustbin of history,” Davis told a rapt audience. She cautioned against allowing “apathy” to permit “incendiary” people like Trump to seize power. - Bethania Palma Markus, Legendary radical activist Angela Davis: ‘We have to do whatever is necessary’ to stop Trump, Raw Story, 6/3/16

Consider too the sage advice of the great Noam Chomsky, also put in the starkest, simplest terms:

Noam Chomsky has been casting this year’s presidential election in life-or-death terms for the human species. The famed linguist and political scientist last week gave a pair of interviews that painted a dire picture of U.S. politics — which he said had been warped by a Republican Party bent on risking nuclear war and environmental devastation. “The fact of the matter is that today’s Republican Party qualify as candidates for the most dangerous organization in human history,” Chomsky said in an interview with Democracy Now. The former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said electing Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential nominee, could put the future of human existence at risk with his policies — whatever they might be. “It’s hard to say because we don’t really know what he thinks, and I’m not sure he knows what he thinks,” Chomsky told The Guardian. “He’s perfectly capable of saying contradictory things at the same time.” “But there are some pretty stable elements of his ideology, if you can even grant him that concept,” he continued. “One of them is: ‘Climate change is not taking place.’ As he puts it: ‘Forget it.’ And that’s almost a death knell for the species – not tomorrow, but the decisions we take now are going to affect things in a couple of decades, and in a couple of generations it could be catastrophic.” Chomsky, who has praised Bernie Sanders’ policies, again repeated his assertion that he would vote against the Republican candidate. “If I were in a swing state, a state that matters, and the choice were Clinton or Trump, I would vote against Trump,” Chomsky said. “And by arithmetic that means hold your nose and vote for Clinton.” -- Travis Gettys, Noam Chomsky: Trump as president would be ‘almost a death knell for the species,’ 5/23/16

I do not support Hillary Clinton, and I will not. She is wrong on many vital issues, for example, fracking, and she is a tone-deaf campaigner. But I will vote for the Democratic Party nominee, whoever it is, because I understand the difference between the parties, the difference for example between the institutionalization of misogyny versus the funding of Planned Parenthood. But there is much road ahead before we get to the conventions in July, and so much more road beyond that before we get to the November election. There are several plot twists yet to come.

So stay awake. Heed the wise council of Chomsky and Angela Davis. Wait on word from Senator Sanders on the other side of the nomination process.

AND please remember the lessons of 2000 and 2008.

Oh, yes, and I will give the last word to Mac Stipanovich, an actual Republican Party operative who, in this op-ed piece, proves himself to be above all a patriot:

On a personal level, Trump is a boor, a bully, a carnival barker, and an embarrassment. Politically, by intent or instinct, he is a neo-fascist — a nativist, an ultranationalist, a racist, a misogynist, an anti-intellectual, a demagogue, and a palingenetic (sorry) authoritarian to whom clings the odor of the political violence he encourages. He appeals to our fears, preys on our anxieties, and exploits our ignorance. A worse candidate to sit in the Oval Office for the next four years cannot be imagined.
And he is our responsibility. We spawned Donald Trump; now we must stop him. We must deny him the presidency by not voting in the presidential election at all or voting for Hillary Clinton if conscience permits. A drop of a few percentage points in the Republican vote for Trump will be enough, which is why the pressure to conform, to toe the Party line, will be enormous. We cannot depend on our elected leaders to lead us. They, for the most part, will fold like cheap lawn chairs, cowed by fear and fueled by ambition. It’s up to us. Each one of us is being tested, and the choice each of us makes matters, for ourselves, for our grandchildren. As bad as the cure for Trump’s Caesarism will be for the Party and for the country, it will not be bad as the disease, and both will survive. So if anyone asks you, “Et tu Brute?” answer proudly, “Damned right.”Mac Stipanovich, An open letter to my fellow Republicans, St. Petersburg Blog, 5/4/16

See also Fear and Loathing in the Year of the Yang Fire Monkey #1: Of Trump, Snowden and Sanders 

-- Richard Power 

Richard Power is the author of eleven books, including most recently, "Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Ancient Future," along with the other four volumes of his "Primal Reality" series, all of which are  available in both softcover and Kindle versions via Amazon.com.

For information, visit his Amazon author's page.

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Wyrds of Power: New Language for A New Reality

Richard Power, San Francisco Theosophical Society, 3/18/16 Photo: Brenna Geehan

Richard Power's Primal Reality series constitutes a significant contribution to the emerging global wisdom tradition of the 21st Century. Power delivered this presentation at the San Francisco Theosophical Society on March 18th, 2016 to mark the release of "Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Future," the fifth and final book in the series, (The video embedded below is also available via the Spoken Words of Power You Tube Channel.)

In the talk, Power explores the overarching themes that frame this series of books:
  • The evolution of yoga and the yoga of evolution. 
  • A Tantric vision of birth, death and transformation, in which human incarnation is experienced as divine revelation. 
  • The ascendancy of the feminine in psyche (human and divine). 
  • The poetics of our intimate, creative relationship with the vast planetary intelligence within which we live, move and have our being. 
  • A contemplation of the human condition in the early 21st century. 
  • Altruism and sustainability as spiritual (and existential) imperatives 
  • A call to the great shift required if our species is to evolve, i.e., the great shift to a green global civilization. 
In the course of the talk, Power reads excerpts from each of the five books. His "Epiphanies." Existential. Somatic. Reality-based. Experiential. New language for perennial truths. Dispatches from the Ancient Future. An inventory of open secrets. A compass for the pathless path.

The Primal Reality series includes (in reverse chronological order):
All five volumes are available in both softcover and Kindle versions via Amazon.com.

For more information on the work of Richard Power, author, speaker, yoga teacher, visit http://wordsofpower.net

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Fear and Loathing in the Year of the Yang Fire Monkey #1: Of Trump, Snowden and Sanders

A terracotta sculpture of Hanuman, the Monkey God, in Panchamukhi (i.e., five-faced) form. Hanuman took this form to slay an evil sorcerer who had captured Rama and Lakshmana and taken them to hell. To defeat this evil sorcerer Hanuman would have to simultaneously extinguish five lamps all shining in different directions, so he took this five-faced form, extinguished the five lamps, slayed the evil one and freed Rama and Lakshmana.
(Source: Wikipedia / Photo Credit: www.pratheep.com)

"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others - the living - are those who pushed their luck as far as they felt they could handle it, and then pulled back, or slowed down, or did whatever they had to when it came time to choose between Now and Later. But the edge is still Out there. Or maybe it's In." -- Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels: Strange and Terrible Saga of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (1966)

According to the Tibetan (yes, and Chinese) zodiac, this is the Year of the Yang Fire Monkey. Enough said. And according to the U.S. Constitution, this is an election year. The Executive branch and both houses of Congress are all ripe for the taking; and thanks to the death of the deeply disturbed Antonio Scalia, so is the Supreme Court. The 2016 campaign cycle is already proving to be one of the craziest and most dangerous we have ever endured. And it is likely that the nation will either go very fast in a good direction (and possibly very good), OR we will go even faster in a very very bad (or even worse) direction, depending upon what happens on the way to November. There is very little chance of anything in between. I won't really have all that much to say about it. But Words of Power is, after, all an ongoing narrative. So when I feel compelled to add something to the record, I will. More often than not, I will just share excerpts from (and links to) some important pieces that you might have missed. From time to time, I will editorialize, although I will not endorse any candidate. The vital context offered will speak for itself, and lead any sane, responsible citizen to the right choices.

For now, here are three important items for your consideration.

First, an op-ed piece on the abomination of the Trump candidacy by the great Eve Ensler, founder of One Billion Rising.

Second, an interview with a true hero, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (U.S. Army retired), former Chief of Staff to Secretary of Stone Colin Powell. (If you use this blog's search function, you will find numerous instances, throughout the Aughts and beyond, in which Wilkerson spoke courageously and forthrightly concerning our national insecurity.)

Third, a report (and an accompanying You Tube video) documenting a remarkable moment in the political revolution being led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Yes, during a massive rally in Portland, Oregon, Sanders and his legions were visited by a small but powerful emissary of the self-organizing planetary intelligence itself. Apparently, Gaia wants "a future to believe in."

-- Blessings, Richard Power


Donald Trump is not a leader or a presidential candidate. He is an outcome, a viral manifestation of a serious malignant illness. He is the mirror of our emptiness, the emptying out that has been happening to our country for a very long time ... He is the outcome of the rich being able to buy anything, including our democracy. He is an outcome of centuries of underlying unaddressed, massively denied and metastasized racism. He is the hatred of the poor and the needy, the denigration of immigrants and those seeking refuge from the devastation of US wars and imperialism. He is the outcome of an insidious exceptionalism – the bedrock belief that American lives are more precious and valuable than any Others, those that we stigmatize, bomb, torture, murder, control, invade and whose economies we trash, whose resources we devour, whose futures we steal. He is the outcome of fear which masquerades as bullying. He is the manifestation of patriarchy and the endlessly indoctrinated belief that only a father will save us even though the mainly men who have been determining reality for this country and the planet have led us to near ruin. He is the outcome of high tech fantasy, virtual disconnection, TV reality shows. He is proof of the duplicity of corporate sponsored media that claim 'neutrality' while reaping profits from propping up racists, tyrants, fascists, haters and those that would seek to destroy the country. -- Eve Ensler, Let Donald Trump Be Our Unifier, Common Dreams, 3/23/16


A retired Army colonel who served as the chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell in President George W. Bush’s administration, Wilkerson has established himself as a prominent critic of U.S. foreign policy. He sat down with Salon for an extended interview, discussing a huge range of issues from the war in Syria to climate change, from ISIS to whistle-blower Edward Snowden, of whom Wilkerson spoke quite highly. “I think Snowden has done a service,” Wilkerson explained. “I wouldn’t have had the courage, and maybe not even the intellectual capacity, to do it the way he did it.” ... Breaking with establishment political figures, Col. Wilkerson commended Snowden for his work and the way in which he carried it out. “There’s a logic to what he has done that is impressive,” Wilkerson told Salon. “He really has refrained from anything that was truly dangerous, with regard to our security — regardless of what people say.” “He has been circumspect about what he’s released, how he’s released it, who he’s released it to,” he continued. Snowden worked with journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ewen MacAskill, and published the revelations in renowned international newspapers, including the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Der Spiegel. “It’s clear to me from listening to his personal statements — I think those are important — that he did have a genuinely altruistic motive for doing it,” Wilkerson explained. “Snowden seems to me to be pure as a driven snow,” he laughed. “You can be dangerous if you’re that way, but you can also be helpful. And I think he’s been more helpful than dangerous.” -- Ben Norton, “Snowden has done a service,” Former Bush official Lawrence Wilkerson applauds the whistleblower, Salon, 3/24/16

The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders received its smallest (though not least consequential) endorsement yet on Friday as a very small bird took to the podium while he delivered a speech to thousands of people gathered at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. In the middle of discussing education and the crushing economics of student debt, the crowd and the candidate were made to pause by the appearance of a small bird on the stage. As he acknowledged its presence on stage, the bird pressed its case further by flying up and landing directly in front of Sanders. As the crowd roared, a large smile crossed Sanders' face. "I think there's some symbolism here," said Sanders of his surprise guest. "I know it doesn't look like it, but that little bird is really a dove asking us for world peace. No more wars!" -- Jon Queally, This One Bird for Sanders: World Peace, Political Revolution, and the Sparrow, Common Dreams, 3/25/16

Richard Power is the author of eleven books, including most recently, "Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Ancient Future," along with the other four volumes of his "Primal Reality" series, all of which are  available in both softcover and Kindle versions via Amazon.com.

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Richard Power's Primal Reality Series: A Significant Contribution to the Emerging Global Wisdom Tradition of the 21st Century

All five volumes of Richard Power's Primal Reality series are available
in both soft cover and Kindle versions from Amazon.com
The five volumes of Richard Power's Primal Reality series constitute a significant contribution to the emerging global wisdom tradition of the 21st Century.

Several overarching themes frame this work:
  • The evolution of yoga and the yoga of evolution. 
  • A Tantric vision of birth, death and transformation; human incarnation as divine revelation. 
  • The ascendancy of the feminine in psyche (human and divine). 
  • The poetics of our intimate, creative relationship with the vast planetary intelligence within which we live, move and have our being.
  • A contemplation of the human condition in the early 21st century, and a celebration of some simple truths that could help redeem us and heal our world.
  • Altruism and sustainability as spiritual (and existential) imperatives. 
  • A call to the great shift required of us if our species is to evolve, i.e., the great shift to a green global civilization.
Interspersed between each movement of this sweeping exploration, Power has inserted batches of his "epiphanies." Existential. Somatic. Reality-based. Experiential. New language for perennial truths. Dispatches from the Ancient Future. An inventory of open secrets. A compass for the pathless path.

The series includes (in reverse chronological order):
These books can read stand-alone or in any chosen sequence. They can also be read by simply opening to random pages or in designated order from start to finish. By design. The choice is yours.

All five volumes are available in both softcover and Kindle versions via Amazon.com.

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Richard Power Announces Release of "Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Ancient Future"

Available via Amazon.com in Both Softcover and Kindle Editions
Solstice. December 2015.

Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Ancient Future is the fifth and final book in Richard Power's Primal Reality series.

In one hundred twenty pages, Power articulates three powerful themes:

Cauldron Yoga offers a Tantric vision of birth, death and transformation, in which human incarnation is experienced as divine revelation.

Gaian Poetics explores our creative relationship with the primordial goddess, that vast planetary intelligence within which we live, move and have our being.

The Way of the Ancient Future heralds the coming of that great shift required of us if our species is to evolve any further, the great shift to a global, green civilization.

The Primal Reality series is a significant contribution to the emerging global wisdom tradition. All five volumes are available in both softcover and Kindle editions from Amazon.com.

Dispatches from the Ancient Future. Existential. Somatic. New language for perennial truths. Open secrets. Reality-based perspectives on the pathless path.

The series also includes (in reverse chronological order):
For more, information, visit http://wordsofpower.net

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Paris and Beyond: The Red Line and the Green Flame

Nike of Samothrace. Louvre Museum. Paris.

In a literally world-changing deal that was almost unthinkable just a year ago, some two hundred leading nations unanimously embraced a plan that will leave most of the world’s fossil fuels unburned. As part of a concerted effort to avoid catastrophic climate change, the world unanimously committed to an ongoing effort of increasingly deeper emissions reductions aimed at keeping total warming “to well below 2°C [3.6°F] above preindustrial levels.” The full text of this Paris Agreement goes even further, with the parties agreeing “to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels, recognizing that this would significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.” Already, global coal use appears to be plateauing, and global oil use will likely follow suit in the next decade as countries ratchet up their CO2 targets. To get an idea of how challenging these negotiations have been, imagine trying to get a substantive agreement on any major topic in the U.S. Senate if the requirement for success were unanimity! Tragically, conservatives in Congress are doing everything that they can to undermine this deal, which is humanity’s best chance to avoid decades if not centuries of needless suffering for billions of people. -- Joseph Romm, In Historic Paris Climate Deal, World Unanimously Agrees To Not Burn Most Fossil Fuels,Climate Progress, 12/12/15

Paris and Beyond: We are the Red Line and the Green Flame

Much of my energy and focus since the signing of the Kyoto Accords in 1997 has been to raise awareness of the Climate Crisis and encourage meaningful action to mitigate its extinction-level impact. From the promise of Kyoto through bitter betrayal in Copenhagen to the end-game in Paris.

And how did the Paris talks (i.e., COP21) play out? As George Monbiot said, “By comparison to what it could have been, it’s a miracle. By comparison to what it should have been, it’s a disaster” (Guardian, 12/12/15) And while I agree with the heroic James Hansen that COP21 is a “fraud” (Guardian, 12/12/15), I also stand with Lord Nicholas Stern in the “hope” that “historians will see this as a turning point” (Democracy Now, 12/11/15).

(Yes, we must embrace paradox to remain grounded in reality.)

Savor this moment, but do not abandon the barricades. The uprising must continue.

As Naomi Klein said in Paris, “We have run out of time. This is our historical moment. Let us not disappoint. The stakes are simply too high. Now is not the time for small steps. Now is the time for boldness. Now is the time to leap.” -- Naomi Klein, We Are Out of Time... We Need to Leap
Common Dreams, 12/11/15

There is a red line.

"People from around the world on Friday stretched a large 'red line' through the COP21 summit to register their outrage at politicians' failure to strike an ambitious draft climate deal—and to call for social movements in Paris and internationally to continue to take to the streets." -- Sarah Lazare, Decrying Draft Deal that 'Fails Humanity,' COP21 Protesters Draw Red Line, Common Dreams, 12/11/15

And there is a green flame.

 "I flame above the beauty of the fields; I shine in the waters; in the sun, the moon and the stars, I burn. And by means of the airy wind, I stir everything into quickness with a certain invisible life which sustains all. For the air lives in its green power and its blossoming. . . ." -- Hildegard of Bingen, Mystical Writings

We are the red line and the green flame. There is no choice.

Of course, our greatest ally is Gaia, the all-powerful life of the planet itself. She will keep pressing us harder and harder to come back into balance. And if we do not respond, she will simply eliminate us by means of our own follies. This is an extinction-level threat.

Do not let the fascists (i.e., corporatists) distract you with their endless war IN, OF and FOR terror. Do not let them poison you with hateful, fearful nonsense about race and religion. The fascists and the jihadists nourish each other. Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) is the gravest threat, and the defining issue of the millennia.

I have more to say about Paris in my new book, Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Politics and the Way of the Ancient Future, which I will release on the Northern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice (12/21/15).

Courage! Lean forward. Yes, we are out of time. But we have gotten this far.

The great shift is already underway. We are the turning of the wheel.

"Ours is not a caravan of despair."

 -- Richard Power

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I Stand with Madonna Thunder Hawk and Vandana Shiva - People's Climate March, New York City, 9-21-14
NOTE: All four volumes of my Primal Reality quadrilogy (listed here in reverse chronological order) are available from Amazon.com in both soft cover and Kindle editions:

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Wild Magic for Your Holiday Gift-Giving - Richard Power's Primal Reality Quadrilogy (Available from Amazon in Both Soft Cover and Kindle Editions)

All four volumes of the Primal Reality Quadrilogy are available now from Amazon.com
 in both soft cover and Kindle editions.
My quadrilogy. Dispatches from the #ancientfuture. New language for #primaltruthsExperiential #existential #somatic reality-based perspective on the #pathlesspath

In reverse chronological order, the Primal Reality quadrilogy includes: 

Planetary Emergency/Personal Emergence: Path of An Evolutionary (2014) 

User's Guide to Human Incarnation: Yoga of Primal Reality (2013) 

Humanifesto: A Guide to Primal Reality In An Age of Global Peril (2012)

Between Shadow and Night: The Singularity In Anticipation of Itself (2010) 

All four books are now available from Amazon.com in both soft-cover and Kindle editions.

-- Richard Power, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher (RYT500)

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Vital Insights into the Friday the 13th Attack on Paris

Brassaï - Night View of Paris from Notre-Dame (1933)
Baghdad and fellow Arab states warned US President George W. Bush yesterday that attacking Iraq will 'open the gates of hell' in the Middle East, although White House officials pressed ahead with a drive to win support for their war plans ... 'We will continue to work to avoid a military confrontation ... because we believe that it will open the gates of hell in the Middle East,' [Arab League chief Amr] Moussa told a news conference after the two-day meeting ended with a statement rejecting 'any threat of attack' against Iraq. -- Anne Penketh, Attack on Iraq will open the gates of hell, Arabs warn, Arab News, 9/6/02

Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast is currently No 1 on Amazon’s French site, where the retailer says it has temporarily sold out. Copies of the memoir have been left among the tributes to the 129 victims of last Friday night’s attacks, reports Le Figaro. According to the French publisher Folio, orders have risen from an average of 10-15 copies per day to reach 500 ...  The book is published in French as Paris est une fête (Paris Is a Celebration), striking a chord with a mood of defiance in the wake of the attacks. This has seen Parisians drinking and eating in restaurants, cafes and bars across the city, and posting about it under the slogan 'Je suis en terrasse' on social media ...  Hemingway wrote: 'There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. We always returned to it no matter who we were nor how it was changed nor with what difficulties now what ease, it could be reached. It was always worth it and we received a return for whatever we brought to it.' The demand for Hemingway’s memoir has also been fueled by a much-shared interview with a Parisian woman named only as Danielle ... Allison Flood, Hemingway's Paris memoir rises to No 1 in France following terror attacks, Guardian, 11/20/15

There is a lot to say about the slaughter of the innocents in Paris on 11/13/15 (and in a Beirut suburb the day before, and on a Russian charter flight over Sharm el-Sheikh two weeks earlier). But little good would come of it, and life is too short. ("Voice crying in the wilderness" is a loser's game, and "I told you so," has a foul taste.) After all, since the slaughter of the innocents on 9/11/01, I have written and spoken out often, both on this war IN, OF and FOR terror in which the West pretends its enemies are its allies, and also on how the Climate Crisis, our greatest national (and global) security threat would warp the full spectrum of all threats, including and especially the terrorist threat. And yet here we are. But Words of Power is an ongoing narrative, and some acknowledgement of this horrific event should be included. So I am sharing these lengthy excerpts from three insightful pieces of analysis, all worthy sources. And I have, of course, included hyperlinks to the full texts. This is what you really need to know, and, of course, Infotainmenstan isn't telling you.  -- Richard Power

Posted on Instagram by Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Joann Sfar after the Paris attacks

"Oil is the Black Gold that Funds ISIS's Black Flag"

Maybe Paris was just hit because of French attacks on ISIS. And maybe the now more likely failure of COP21 to achieve its aims is mere collateral damage in the increasingly savage 'great game' of global power politics. But it may not be. As the FT put it last week in an article titled 'Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists', "Oil is the black gold that funds Isis' black flag - it fuels its war machine, provides electricity and gives the fanatical jihadis critical leverage against their neighbors ... "While al-Qaeda, the global terrorist network, depended on donations from wealthy foreign sponsors, Isis has derived its financial strength from its status as monopoly producer of an essential commodity consumed in vast quantities throughout the area it controls. Even without being able to export, it can thrive because it has a huge captive market in Syria and Iraq." But ISIS's ambitions surely don't stop there. Its aim is to consolidate its hold of the regions it already occupies, extend its empire to new regions and countries, and establish a Caliphate whose power and income will largely derive from oil. So the last thing it needs is a global climate agreement that will, over time, limit global consumption of fossil fuels. Oil prices are low at around $50 per barrel. The IEA estimates that OPEC states have lost half a trillion dollars a year in revenues since the oil price fell from over $100 a barrel in 2011-2014 to current levels. And this is causing deep tensions among OPEC members - due to meet on 4th December in Vienna to thrash out solutions. The main problem is that Saudi Arabia is over-producing oil in order to suppress investment in and production of high cost oil in the the US, Canada, UK and other countries - and so capture the lion's share of an oil market it thinks will keep on growing for decades to come. Thus OPEC scenarios foresee oil demand increasing from 111 to 132 million barrels per day (mb/d) by 2040. However the International Energy Agency thinks that even modest carbon constraints will see demand for oil slump to around 100 mb/d by 2040 - and considerably lower with tough climate policies. And that is surely an outcome that not just ISIS but all major oil exporters fear and wish to avoid. So, assuming - as seems probable at this stage - that the Paris outrage was carried out by or for ISIS, was it in any way motivated by a desire to scupper a strong climate agreement at COP21? And so maintain high demand for oil long into the future, together with a high oil price? -- Oliver Tickell, Paris attacks - COP21 and the war on terror, The Ecologist, 11/14/15 

Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace (2nd Century B.C.), top of the Daru Staircase in
the Denon wing of the Louvre. Photo Credit: Lyokoï88/Wikipedia (March 2015)
"Our Only Hope"

The connection between warming temperatures and the cycle of Syrian violence is, by now, uncontroversial. As Secretary of State John Kerry said in Virginia, this month, “It’s not a coincidence that, immediately prior to the civil war in Syria, the country experienced its worst drought on record. As many as 1.5 million people migrated from Syria’s farms to its cities, intensifying the political unrest that was just beginning to roil and boil in the region.” As Kerry went on to note, many factors contributed to Syria’s instability. The severe drought was one, but so were the repressive practices of a brutal dictator and the rise of a particular strain of religious extremism. Another big factor was the invasion of Iraq, a decade ago. And since that war—like so many before it—was inextricable from the West’s thirst for Iraqi oil (warming be damned), that fateful decision in turn became difficult to separate from climate change. ISIS, which has taken responsibility for the attacks in Paris, found fertile ground in this volatile context of too much oil and too little water. If we acknowledge that the instability emanating from the Middle East has these roots, it makes little sense to allow the Paris attacks to minimize our already inadequate climate commitments. Rather, this tragedy should inspire the opposite reaction: an urgent push to lower emissions as rapidly and deeply as possible, including strong support for developing countries to leapfrog to renewable energy, creating much-needed jobs and economic opportunities in the process. That kind of bold climate transition is our only hope of preventing a future in which, as a recent paper in the journal Nature Climate Change put it, large areas of the Middle East will, by the end of the century, “experience temperature levels that are intolerable to humans.” But even this is not enough. The deepest emission reductions can only prevent climate change from getting far worse. They can’t stop the warming that has already arrived, nor the warming that is locked in as a result of the fossil fuels we have already burned. So there is a critical piece missing from our climate conversation: the need to quickly lower atmospheric CO2 levels from the current four hundred parts per million to the upper limit of what is not considered dangerous: three hundred and fifty parts per million ... -- Naomi A. Klein and Jason Box, Why a Climate Deal Is the Best Hope for Peace, New Yorker Magazine via Common Dreams, 11-19-15

"Enough of This Pathological Fear ..."

The lessons of the post-9/11 world are that the Francis Fukuyama dream of global liberal democracy is at an end and that, at the level of the world economy, corporate capitalism has triumphed worldwide. In fact, the Third World nations that embrace this world order are those now growing at a spectacular rate. The mask of cultural diversity is sustained by the actual universalism of global capital; even better if global capitalism’s political supplement relies on so-called “Asian values.” Global capitalism has no problem in accommodating itself to a plurality of local religions, cultures and traditions. So the irony of anti-Eurocentrism is that, on behalf of anti-colonialism, one criticizes the West at the very historical moment when global capitalism no longer needs Western cultural values in order to smoothly function. In short, one tends to reject Western cultural values at the very time when, critically reinterpreted, many of those values (egalitarianism, fundamental rights, freedom of the press, the welfare-state, etc.) can serve as a weapon against capitalist globalization. Did we already forget that the entire idea of Communist emancipation as envisaged by Marx is a thoroughly “Eurocentric” one? The next taboo worth leaving behind is that any critique of the Islamic right is an example of “Islamophobia.” Enough of this pathological fear of many Western liberal leftists who worry about being deemed guilty of Islamophobia. For example, Salman Rushdie was denounced for unnecessarily provoking Muslims and thus (partially, at least) responsible for the fatwa condemning him to death. The result of such a stance is what one can expect in such cases: The more Western liberal leftists wallow in their guilt, the more they are accused by Muslim fundamentalists of being hypocrites who try to conceal their hatred of Islam. This constellation perfectly reproduces the paradox of the superego: The more you obey what the pseudo-moral agency that the sadistic and primitive superego demands of you, the more guilty you are of moral masochism and identification with the aggressor. Thus, it is as if the more you tolerate Islamic fundamentalism, the stronger its pressure on you will be ... -- Slavoj Zizek, In the Wake of Paris Attacks the Left Must Embrace Its Radical Western Roots, In These Times

Brassaï - The Eiffel Tower At Twilight, Paris (1932)

NOTE: All four volumes of my Primal Reality quadrilogy (listed here in reverse chronological order) are available from Amazon.com in both soft cover and Kindle editions: