Sunday, April 14, 2024

'Second Deadline" Update: The Goddess of Justice (4/13/24)

The Goddess Justice
These are holy books. The facts they enshrine are hallowed.The laws and oaths they mirror are sacred. They are songs of devotion to the Goddess Justice.

And yet the dangers of Trump and MAGA are still looms over the 2024 election. What is wrong with us, with our body politic, with our system of government? How could this be? How could Trump be running again? How is he still the apparent choice of tens of millions of Americans? Like the real answers to most real questions, it isn’t simple. (It certainly isn’t because of any failure on the part of Robert Mueller, or even Merrick Garland. Twitterati who impugn the integrity or competency of these honorable public servants are just misdirecting their followers into despair and defeatism.)

To answer the question of how this abomination is still with us, we must first answer the question how did Trump become president in 2016. And the real answer to that real question isn’t simple either. Without decades of Fox News, radical right hate radio, news media consolidation, gerrymandering and dark money, without the Electoral College, and yes, without a serious, sweeping, sustained Russian intelligence operation to influence the 2016 election, Trump never would have been sworn into office.

The release of the Mueller Report and its damning findings was sabotaged by Trump’s AG Bill Barr. In a healthy America, Mueller revelations would have led to Trump being forced out of office, like Nixon. Likewise Trump’s two impeachment trials could have, would have, should have led to a forced resignation or removal from office. But one of the two major parties, the Republican Party, has lost its mind and its soul, and so our two party system has collapsed. 

And unfortunately, instead of dealing with the fall of the Republican Party, and reporting it as what it is, a catastrophic development, the mainstream news media has simply continued as if this is all just politics as usual, trying to frame it all as a partisan divide, instead of a dire fracturing of reality itself, in which all us left, right and center must choose the harsh reality over a massive delusion.

The Mueller Report, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report and the January 6th Committee Final Report informed those among us willing to accept who and what Trump really is, and they also succeeded in snatching the factual narrative from the fire, preserving that factual narrative for history, or more accurately, moving forward, for HERSTORY. All of vital importance.

The Four Trump Indictments are of a different order. All four indictments were issued in 2023. The first indictment has turned into the first trial. It focused on election interference and hush money payments. It is now to begin in New York on April 15th, after having been delayed thirty days. The Georgia case as yet to receive a trial date, having just weathered a failed attempt to remove prosecutor Fani Willis. Federal prosecutors are battling through delays thrown in their way by corrupt judges are attempting to delay these trials until after the election, so that Trump can shut it all down should he win in November. Cannon in Florida, and radical right-wing Supreme Court (with three "justices" appointed by Trump himself). These four criminal indictments are real. They will result in convictions, if and when they are brought to trial. It is imperative that Biden wins to protect the DoJ’s two  prosecutions, IF they are successfully delayed until after the election. 
We must prevail in the 2024 election. This is the Second Deadline. The decisive battle.

Meanwhile, even though Trump is NOT YET convicted in these cases, all of the legal struggle, the criminal investigations, the subsequent indictments, the victorious civil cases brought by Tish James ($360 million) and E-Jean Carroll ($83.3 million), AND the 1/6-related civil cases in the pipeline, all of it has harried & weakened Trump politically, financially & yes psychologically. All of this pose a very real threat to him. It is bleeding him. Trump would be much stronger if all of these efforts hadn’t been brought through to final reports, criminal indictments and civil court verdicts.

We will see Trump politically defeated, financially ruined and convicted, and we will see the MAGA movement dwindle, diminish, deteriorate, with it’s worst elements slipping back into the sewers of psyche, and the rest of those who got swept up in the madness just trying to slip quietly back into normative ideological frames. Evil dies hard, yes, but this fascist movement will be brought down, it must be.

The reckoning is quickening now, but it has been underway for awhile.
  • 3 years later, Jan. 6 by the numbers: More than 1,200 charged. Prosecutors have secured more than 718 guilty pleas in Jan. 6 cases, 171 others have been found guilty at trial or otherwise found guilty. More than 460 imprisoned for their role in Capitol attack, hundreds of others have been sentenced for lesser offenses to periods of home detention or probation." - ABC News, 1/5/24  
    • "In remarks Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland described the Justice Department's sprawling probe of the Capitol attack as "one of the largest and most complex and resource-intensive investigations in our history. 
New York Attorney General Letitia James speaks after Trump civil fraud ruling (CBS News, 2/14/24) New York Attorney General Letitia James spoke Friday night following a judge's ruling in her office’s civil fraud trial against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. Judge Arthur Engoron fined the former president and his company $354 million. The decision also includes a three-year ban on Trump from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation. <