Thursday, September 10, 2015

Richard Power's Primal Reality Quadrilogy Now Available in Both Soft Cover and Kindle Editions

All four volumes of the Primal Reality Quadrilogy are available now from
 in both soft cover and Kindle editions.
My quadrilogy. Dispatches from the #ancientfuture. New language for #primaltruthsExperiential #existential #somatic reality-based perspective on the #pathlesspath

In reverse chronological order, the Primal Reality quadrilogy includes: 

Planetary Emergency/Personal Emergence: Path of An Evolutionary (2014) 

User's Guide to Human Incarnation: Yoga of Primal Reality (2013) 

Humanifesto: A Guide to Primal Reality In An Age of Global Peril (2012)

Between Shadow and Night: The Singularity In Anticipation of Itself (2010) 

All four books are now available from in both soft-cover and Kindle editions.

-- Richard Power, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher (RYT500)

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Tantra: A Sacred Technology

Pool of Enchantment, de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park. San Francisco, September 2015. 
Tantra is being buried alive in rich soil only to realize that you are the root of the world, and that the warm brown decay is your nourishment. Tantra is being swept away in the fierce current of a great river that has overflown in banks, swollen with torrents of tears.

The term "Tantra" is a survivor of abuse. It has been cruelly exploited. Tantra has been sold into slavery and then auctioned back to itself. Countless times. But Tantra is invincible. Its experience of its own nature is the very essence of healing.

Tantra is a path of self-immolation in the smokeless fire of radical transformation. Tantra is the pain in pleasure and the pleasure in pain. Tantra is the wind; if it does not thrill through something else it has no sense of itself, ceaseless movement is its calm abidance. 

Tantra is a sacred technology. And like the many technological breakthroughs in medicine and computing made in the course of space exploration, Tantra is a by-product of the Great Goddess's engineering genius, just one of the many dazzling technological breakthroughs made in the course of Her Self Creation. The perfection of Tantra is savored in utter loneliness just as deeply as in sublime communion. Yoga and Tantra are the wings of a great bird. The bird cannot soar with only one wing. Tantra revels in the deep mysteries of gender in all its dazzling permutations.

From deep inside the nature of suffering, Tantra opens a portal beyond. Tantra is discovering that "you" are the dark blue flesh of space itself and that all of red life is contained within "you." 

This is the truth. 

-- Richard Power

Excerpted from Wyrds of Power: New Language for A New Reality (2017). Originally published in Planetary Emergency, Personal Emergence: Path of An Evolutionary (2014).

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Pool of Enchantment, de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park. San Francisco, September 2015.

This Third Force

San Francisco. September 2015

Sunrise on another day.

If you live long enough and you are brutally honest with yourself, you could spend much of the rest of your life weeping over all that has been lost.

But as I wrote many years ago, when the bell of freedom tolls it shatters itself.

The turning of the great wheel is inexorable. To roll with it unflinchingly, you must fuse will and surrender into an indomitable third force.

It is this third force that taps into a limitless power source from beyond and before creation. 

This is your reality now and at every moment you choose to allow it to be so. 

-- Richard Power, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher (RYT500)