Sunday, April 28, 2024

"Second Deadline" Update: #October7wasPutin'sBirthday - In the Fascists' World Wide War on Women There is Through Line to Hamas (4/28/24)


In the Fascists' Wide War on Women There is Through Line to Hamas

Putin and the “Islamic Republic” are sponsors of Hamas. And lo and behold, here again is rape as a weapon of war.

"Prof Ruth Halperin-Kaddari said she saw footage of women in several locations whose condition left her in "no doubt" that they had been raped. There has been anger over the delay of some UN bodies to acknowledge claims of Hamas's sexual atrocities on 7 October."

  • Examiners found evidence that conflict-related sexual violence took place on October 7
  • There is “clear and convincing information” that sexual violence continues and hostages are still at risk.
  • The UN report should put to rest deniers’ appalling claims that allegations of sexual violence by Hamas on October 7 are unsupported
  • Hamas’ use of sexual violence as a weapon of war is clear.
  • Hamas must be held accountable.
As I told you at the beginning, it really is much more complex than you want it to be. So many among us have been so deeply played. This conflict was designed (in Moscow & Tehran) to break minds & divide people in the West & particularly in the run-up to the November 2024 U.S. presidential election.

The leaders of Hamas who live in luxury far from Gaza were paid very well for their blood sport. Hamas is not a liberation movement, it is more like the Wagner Group. I pray that your eyes are opened. Rape is not an act of resistance, nor is self-immolation. Please do not excuse the one or exalt the other. Such horrors. Yes, many have been so deeply played.

What must happen?

Hamas must be destroyed. Netanyahu & his cronies must be removed from power & face accountability for their crimes. There must be a two state solution. BTW, that’s something neither Hamas or the Israeli right wing really want. Yes, it’s much more complicated than you want it to be. Hamas instigated this war, & welcomed the deaths of its own innocents ...

Putin needed this distraction from his war crimes in Ukraine. The “Islamic Republic” needed this distraction from its own ongoing femicide. Netanyahu needed this distraction from the massive protests against him in the streets of Tel Aviv. And yes, Trump needed this distraction from Biden’s success and his own numerous civil & criminal trials. Make no mistake about what is really going on. Putin wants Trump to win so he can succeed in his war on Ukraine. Netanyahu wants Trump to win so that he can do what Trump has publicly exhorted him to do -“finish the job”

Yes, it’s a very complex situation, but this much is certain: Hamas must be destroyed. Netanyahu must be removed from power and face the consequences of his crimes. There must be a two-state solution with sovereignty and security for both peoples.

P.S. And I have told you over and over again, Hamas has been wildly exaggerating civilian casualties (particularly among women & children). Hamas has been forced to admit it. But, of course, no reset in the dominate pro-Palestinian narrative.