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Hard Rain Journal 7-10-06: Buzzflash Asks "U.K. Terror Plot Foiled Just a Day after Lieberman's Defeat. Coincidence?"

Hard Rain Journal 8-10-06: Buzzflash Asks "U.K. Terror Plot Foiled Just a Day after Lieberman's Defeat. Coincidence?"

By Richard Power

As a security and intelligence professional, my life has not been the same since 9/11 -- not because of what Al Qaeda did that day (many expected such an event and worked ceaselessly against great odds to thwart it) -- but because of what the Bush-Cheney national insecurity team did not do to stop it.

Tonight, I ask you just to read this excerpt from a wonderful Buzzflash editorial on the lead story of the day, and then sample my RELATED POSTS on terrorism, which follow the excerpt:

The pattern continues. A terrorist plot is uncovered just as the masses start to question national security strategy. The day after Senate Democrats brought a vote to pull out of Iraq, we catch a few idiots in Miami who were supposedly trying to blow up the Sears Tower, despite the fact that they lacked the means and ability to do so. Then there were the guys busted for supposedly plotting to blow up a New York subway exactly a year after the London bus bombings. And don't forget the release of new Osama bin Laden tapes just before the 2004 election as well as the very day after the Supreme Court decision striking down the Guantanamo Bay military tribunals. And now today, a few men in England were arrested for a plan to blow up planes flying to America, just a day after Connecticut voters flatly rejected Joe Lieberman and the war in Iraq. We certainly can't deny that there may have indeed been plans to commit these acts. But the timings of the arrest announcements are awfully suspicious. All three were still in the works and had been monitored for several months by very capable intelligence agencies....Consider this quote from a Reuters article on the story: "President George W. Bush had known about the investigation for several days, was briefed about it regularly and knew the arrests were coming, a senior administration official said." Both countries are surely monitoring several terrorist leads that could lead to arrests at any time....Just yesterday Tony Snow and Dick Cheney told America that Lieberman's loss was going to make us less safe and warned of the dangers of our supposedly weakened resolve against terrorism....If the timing of the media announcement wasn't a political ploy, the rhetoric and propaganda sure are....The problem is that Bush has lost all credibility. He's cried wolf so many times this could be the real deal with absolutely no impropriety and we would have no way to know. When there is this much distrust of the president, we are almost forced to assume we're being tricked again by the use of fear to manipulate public opinion. As the Orwellian dictator in the film "V for Vendetta" screams to his "cabinet" at one point: "I want them to know that they need us." Of course, the preservation of chaos was the goal for the rule by tyranny in "V," as it appears to be in Bushworld. Terrorist threats may or may not be real. They may or may not be activated as a result of the Busheviks now becoming the motivational cause of terrorists at this point. We will never know, as long as one-party dictatorship prevails and incompetence and unending war are the means of maintaining power. But timing is something you can document. And this timing of the latest act of terrorism announcement appears more political than operational. A senatorial candidate who questions the strategic value of the Iraq War is denounced by the top level of the Bush Administration as an appeaser of terrorists -- and then once again there is an arrest of people we are told intended to commit grievous acts of terrorism. There appears to be a pattern here, and it's one employed by masters of tyranny, not democracy, to cover up for a failed war and a failed foreign policy. But the sheeple can only bleat.U.K. Terror Plot Foiled Just a Day after Lieberman's Defeat. Coincidence? A BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS, 8-10-06

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