Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where We Are

King Mahajanaka announcing his decision renounce worldly life, Ajanta Caves, Sixth or Seventh Century.
Source: Wiki Commons

Boundless love and utter peace. They are unattainable. 

Because you cannot "attain" that which you already are. 

We live of our lives skimming the surface of these infinite reservoirs. 

Boundless love and utter peace. 

If you relax into them, their pulsating currents will rise to the surface of your life ever more clearly, ever more uninterruptedly. This is the neglected truth of our lives. 

The cup of every moment brims with this truth. 

We taste it with every act of kindness, we touch it in every instance of letting go. We move from it whenever we move with authenticity. We embody it whenever align to the innermost pole of our beings. 

This truth of boundless love and utter peace; it is always waiting just beyond the veil of forgetfulness. It is your own joyous, invincible nature. Become intimate with it. 

However much time you have spent in forgetfulness and fretting; there is still enough time to arrive at the place you have stood from the beginning, and to become the person you have always been. 

There is drumming and dancing in that place, there is feasting and pleasuring. Every loss is hallowed there, every sorrow is heard as beautiful music, every failure is celebrated a sacred vessel, every mistake is handled as a sacrament. 

Boundless love. Utter peace. Forever. Co-existing with chaos. 

Truth occupying the same space as illusion; each embracing the other as lovers. 

This is where we are.  

-- Richard Power

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