Saturday, June 29, 2013


Edward Steichen - Isadora Duncan at the Parthenon (Athens, 1921)


There is a sky inside of you, and a sea. The sky stretches out beyond time and space; the sea is fathomless, and held in a container that has no form. And yet, this infinite sky is best entered through the eyes, and this boundless sea is best touched with the lips. The unseen is mirrored only in the seen; the formless is known only through form.

Intimacy is the very skin of the divine.

Without depth of intimacy, there is no genuine transcendence.

Whether it is intimacy with your innermost self in silence and solitude, or intimacy with whatever fellow creature has found the true you in physical and psychological nakedness, it is only intimacy that opens hidden door. And if that hidden door remains closed, you are still as lost as the day before you realized you were lost.

-- Richard Power

Power's eighth book,  Humanifesto: A Guide to Primal Reality in an Era of Global Peril , is available now in soft cover and Kindle versions, from Amazon and elsewhere.