Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Written In Sand

Rene Magritte La Liberte de l'esprit, trans. "Freedom of Mind" (1948)
Seeing into the future course of someone else's karma (whether near term, intermediate or distant) is often a saddening experience. Particularly, if that person is a beloved friend, and the emerging course of events has altered the course of your interactions with that beloved friend. But there really isn't much that can be done with such information. You can't "save" anybody from anything in that way. You can't save someone you love from a bad choice they are on their way to making, particularly in affairs of the heart. You can't show a person how they are being played, unless they have already begun to see it. 
No, in general, you are not allowed to share such information directly. 
And even in those rare instances where it is permissible to share it directly, e.g., if the person asks, typically, if you share what you see it, you will only hasten them on to embrace those unfortunate choices you have seen them make in that possible future. AND even if the information does thwart some unfortunate choice or another, it may well lead to unforeseen and perhaps even worse consequences for them, and either way it will probably result in you being resented sooner or later, for meddling or wrongly influencing events. 
So all you can do is stand open, and breathe, and share what you can with that beloved friend, on the margins, and in the ether of prayer. And yes, hope it dawns on them - THIS DOES HAPPEN sometimes. Of course, it is also true that very little is actually written in stone. Most of the future is written in sand, and often shifts and takes on new shapes, yes, for better, and worse, and both. All you can really do with such a siddhi is respect it, and hold it open, and not abuse the privilege of having it. All you can do is breathe, and live with an open heart, yes, always love unconditionally. Sometimes (most of the time) unconditional love is the only message worth communicating.
-- Richard Power

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