Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gossamer Web

Rene Magritte - Le Parfum de L'Abîme "The Perfume of the Abyss" (1928)
This whatever I am, this "being" that has been called by the name "Richard Power" for sixty years, this whatever I am, the reality of it is an emptiness, yes, an emptiness, which although vast and void is overflowing, which although neither day nor night is radiant, which although bittersweet is joyful.

And within this emptiness, there is only relationship. "I" and 'Thou."

These relationships stretch out like a gossamer web across an infinitude.

How can relationship exist within an emptiness? Well, space curves in upon itself, creating the phenomena of one point and another. And although there is no center within this emptiness, it nevertheless pulsates, as if from a center. With each pulsation there are ripples of energy, these ripples create the phenomena of lines between the points created by the curving of the space.

Yes, I am an emptiness, and within this emptiness all that exists is this gossamer of relationship.

The nature of the gossamer is the emptiness itself: radiant, joyful, overflowing.

Each of these strands, each of these relationships, appears as if a facet of the jewel of this emptiness, but upon closer inspection, each of these facets is revealed to be another radiant, pulsating emptiness, the space of which curves in upon itself creating the phenomena of one point and another within the radiance, and the pulsation of which ripples outward as if from a non-existent center, creating the further phenomena of lines between the points, all forming an infinite matrix of relationship for which the only descriptor could be "emptiness," yes, a radiant, joyful, overflowing emptiness, which reveals itself to be a gossamer of relationship, which ... Yes ...

It is all love, it is all awareness, it is only this whatever ... Yes ... "I' and "Thou" ... Emptiness and relationship occupying the same space, love and awareness occupying the same space.

-- Richard Power

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