Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What the Redwoods Said

Mt. Tamalpais, June 2015
From within the perfect triangle of this Sakti Yantra formed by the growth of three redwoods, on a fire trail in the Tamalpais watershed, I will tell you the story of my first encounter with their kind.

Decades ago. I stretched out to meditate in a redwood grove in Muir Woods. I soon fell asleep (i.e. into that state deeper, purer and more direct than what we imagine we are doing in "seated meditation"). And then as I came back into "waking" consciousness, in the space in between, the Redwoods spoke to me. 

They said that long ago they were going to learn "human language" but that they only went as far as the vowels. They said the vowels were powerful and sacred to them. But that they chose to go no further. Because the consonants and all that stretched out beyond them only lead to madness. 

So they showed me how to speak with them. Aaaaaaaa. Eeeeeee. Iiiiiiiiii. Oooooo. Uuuuuuuu. 

And they have traveled with me ever since. 

Some years later, I met their elder sisters the Giant Sequoia, and ....

-- Richard Power, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher (RYT500)

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