Monday, October 12, 2015

When an Empire Wants to Lie to Itself ...

Sunset. Pacific Ocean. October 2015.

When an Empire wants to lie to itself (i.e., always) it calls itself a "Civilization." But an Empire is not a Civilization, it is just a killing machine, a hoarding machine, a raping machine and a slaving machine. There is no virtue in blood or pigment or place of origin, or circumstances of any kind.

These superstitions are just as dangerous as those written with quills of suffering in some of the so-called "Holy Books."

Empire is just a self-propelled engine of ignorance in which every cog and piston imagines itself to be driving (especially the Platos). This self-propelling engine of ignorance stokes its own fires with the pitch and timber of genocide, femicide and ecocide.

Whenever a Civilization arises at all, anywhere on the Earth, it does so in spite of the Empire that uses it as a disguise. It's the Einsteins, not the Caesars, that propel us forward. It's the Anne Franks, not the Adolph Hitlers, that advance human evolution.

The essential reality of human existence, its innermost core, is as it was in the caves, before the beginning. In utter innocence. The consciousness of Gaia Herself is so unspeakably sublime, so astonishingly marvelous, and yes the consciousness of the Solar System in which She whirls, and the consciousness of the Milky Way in which the Solar System whirls, and the consciousness of the Universe in which the Milky Way whirls, yes, unspeakable, incomprehensible.

Remember Lao-Tzu! Water erodes stone, the great sage remarked.

Well, just so, our essential reality, in its innocence, and clinging to the exquisite embrace of Gaia the Creatrix, just so, our essential reality will survive the paroxysms of empire, to move on to total embodiment in the truth and beauty of an ancient future.

-- Richard Power

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