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Hard Rain Journal 6-24-06: Not What "News Coverage" was Supposed to Mean

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A "State of Emergency" has been declared in Baghdad. Over 2500 US military personnel have been killed. At least tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed. Atrocities are being committed by, and on, US military personel. Meanwhile, the Taliban is resurgent in Afghnaistan, and Bin Laden, Zawahiri and Mullah Omar are alive, free, and waging influence warfare.

And yet, the US Senate continues to abdicate its responsibility to investigate the Bush-Cheney's regime manipulation of intelligence to produce false premises for war. Instead, it has engaged in a faux debate. And only thirteen Senators (less than the 22 that voted against the invasion in 2003) exhibited the courage and conscience to vote for a re-deployment timetable.

(NOTE: For a break down and analysis of the vote, see Mathew Rothschild, "Calling the Roll on Iraq", Progressive, 6-26-05)

But perhaps worst of all, the US mainstream news media does not cover the debacle, it covers it up...

In recent days, CNN has taken the lead in one-sided coverage of the Iraq war debate in Congress. The cable network has swallowed hook, line, and sinker -- against all evidence -- Republicans' claims that the issue is a political winner for them. Incredibly, CNN seems to agree that the public is on the side of the Republican "plan" to stay in Iraq indefinitely -- at least as long as George W. Bush is president, so that his successor inherits the problem. But CNN knows from its own polling that the public does not favor the Republican "plan." CNN knows that Democrats are speaking for the majority of Americans, who think it's time to start planning for withdrawal. So why is CNN reporting the story as though it were reading a Karl Rove press release?
On June 20, CNN's Paula Zahn seemed to be channeling the Republican National Committee when she claimed that the Democratic Party is "getting creamed as the party of cut-and-runners, the wobbly, the weak."
On June 21, CNN's Dana Bash not only mischaracterized the Democrats' debate on troop redeployment, she also falsely suggested that Democrats stand to lose politically for urging a timeline for withdrawal when, in fact, a CNN poll showed that 53 percent of respondents favored a timetable for withdrawal.

Tell CNN to stop bungling its Iraq war coverage, Media Matters, 6-22-06

And yet, there are some in the USA who refuse to remain silent, and choose, instead, to use their position to speak out...

Appearing on CNN today to promote his current tour and album of Pete Seeger songs, rocker Bruce Springsteen took note of the current controversy surrounding Ann Coulter in responding to a question about whether musicians should speak out on politics.
Springsteen was asked by Soledad O'Brien if getting flak about his political views, such as backing John Kerry in 2004, made him wonder if musicians should try so hard to be taken seriously on topical issues. 
"They should let Ann Coulter do it instead?" he mused, with a chuckle. Then he said, "You can turn on the idiots rambling on, on cable television, every night of the week -- and they say musicians shouldn’t speak up? It’s insane, it’s funny," he said, laughing. 
He called politics "an organic part of what I’m doing. ... It’s called common sense. I don’t even see it as politics at this point.''
Springsteen Mocks Ann Coulter, TV Pundits, Editor and Publisher, 6-23-06

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