Thursday, June 08, 2006

PRESS RELEASE -- Richard Power & 30-yr. CIA Veteran co-author CSO Magazine Expose on Economic Espionage and Intellectual Property Theft


DATE: 6-8-06

Richard Power
GS(3) Intelligence & Words of Power

Richard Power & 30-yr. CIA Veteran co-author CSO Magazine Expose on Economic Espionage and Intellectual Property Theft

Christopher Burgess worked in the clandestine service of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for 30 years. In the course of his career, he served both as Chief of Station and senior operations officer.

Richard Power has researched cyber crime and economic espionage for over a decade, as Editorial Director for Computer Security Institute (CSI), and then as Director of Global Security Intelligence for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT).

Power and Burgess have co-authored a four-part expose entitled Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: How economic espionage and intellectual property theft destroy businesses and endanger the global economy.

The four-part expose, which challenges some widely misconceptions about these threats, has been published by CSO Magazine, the world’s premier security-related publication, and is available on-line at

Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost offers a fascinating journey into the underside of the Information Age, Geopolitics and Global Economy, shedding new light on corporate hacking, industrial espionage, counterfeiting & piracy, organized crime and related problems. This series of four articles reveals how economic espionage and intellectual property theft are undermining the strength and competitiveness of not only the U.S. economy, but also global free-market prosperity, and illustrates the ways in which they pose as great and imminent a danger as terrorism, global warming or other widely acknowledged and hotly debated threats The reader will learn about this dynamic global phenomenon, how it happens, what it costs, what needs to be done and whether it is too late.

Each article in the series focuses on different dimensions of the problem:
1. When Insiders and Competitors Target Businesses
2. When State-Sponsored Trade Secret Theft Targets Businesses
3. When Counterfeiters, Pirates and Organized Crime Target Products
4. Strategies for Business Security and National Economic Security

The authors provide numerous real-world examples, highlight little known details of some high profile criminal cases, and also suggest a comprehensive approach to effectively thwarting these threats.


Richard Power is the founder of GS(3) Intelligence and His work focuses on the inter-related issues of security, sustainability and spirit, and how to overcome the challenges of terrorism, cyber crime, global warming, health emergencies, natural disasters, etc. You can reach him via e-mail: For more information, go to