Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Burma Crisis Update: Perhaps Chevron Should Re-Name the Yadana Pipeline After Condolezza Rice?

Image: Aung San Suu Kyi, TIME 100

Burma Crisis Update: Perhaps Chevron should Re-Name the Yadana Pipeline after Condolezza Rice?

By Richard Power

Remember Frank Herbert's extraordinary Dune series?

"The spice must flow ..."

Yes, but there was no alternative to spice in that legend; there are alternatives to oil and gas, and yet, the oil and gas giants and the governments they have co-opted refuse to adapt to the 21st Century.

"The oil must flow ..."
And with it, the blood of US soldiers flows in the desert quagmire.

"The oil must flow ..."
And with it, the last few dollars flow from the wallets of the US middle class.

"The oil must flow ..."
And with it, the life flows from the planet's poorest people.

"The oil must flow ..."
And with it, the planetary climate itself flows into a harsh unknown.

"The oil must flow ..."
Even though its peak production has come and gone.

Once upon a time, Chevron named an oil tanker after Condolezza Rice, perhaps now they should re-name the Yadana gas pipiline after her, since she has looked the other way, instead of taking the most meaningful action she could, i.e., demanding Chevron cease empowering the Burmese thugocracy.

The ugly truth about Chevron in Burma is told in a new report: The Human Cost of Energy: Chevron’s Continuing Role in Financing Oppression and Profiting From Human Rights Abuses in Military-Ruled Burma (Myanmar).

According to the report, The Human Cost of Energy: Chevron’s Continuing Role in Financing Oppression and Profiting From Human Rights Abuses in Military-Ruled Burma (Myanmar), Chevron relies on the brutal Burmese military for pipeline security. The pipeline security soldiers conscript forced labor (including forced sentry duty along the pipeline route) and commit other serious human rights abuses in the course of their operations. As revealed by original field data collected by ERI between 2003-2008 in Burma and along the Thai-Burma border, abuses in the pipeline region include murder and rape by pipeline security soldiers, forced conscription of porters for security patrols, land confiscations, forced plantation programs, and general predation including widespread theft of goods by soldiers. Earth Rights International, 4-29-08

For the full report, click here.

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