Sunday, November 30, 2008

Climate Crisis Update: "Consumers Rank Climate Concerns Ahead of Economy"

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Climate Crisis Update: "Consumers Rank Climate Concerns Ahead of Economy"

By Richard Power

Here is some encouraging evidence that the planet's population is way out in front of its political leaders and mainstream news media pundits:

Despite the looming prospect of a deep global recession, 43% of the 12,000 respondents of the survey chose climate change ahead of the global economy when asked about their current concerns. Worldwide, 77% of respondents wanted to see their governments cutting carbon by their fair share or more, in order to allow developing countries to grow their economies. Guardian, 11-26-08

But, of course, it is a false choice to some extent; because we will not be able to bring long-term health to the global economy without turning it green and embracing sustainability as a defining principle.

Furthermore, there is no time left for procrastination or posturing, nor is there any margin for error anymore. It is next year or ...

The survey was carried out for the HSBC Climate Partnership, a collaboration between the international bank and climate NGOs including WWF, the Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.
Lord Stern, and adviser to HSBC on economic development and climate change and former adviser to the UK government, said: "This research demonstrates the need for decisive action on climate change. The urgent challenge is to build a framework for a global deal so that consensus can be reached in Copenhagen next year and the discussions in Poznan are a critical stepping stone to achieving this. Now is the time to lay the foundations of a new form of growth that can transform our economies and societies."
Guardian, 11-26-08

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