Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beyond Words

Odilon Redon, Orpheus, 1913

Grateful. Beyond words. For life. For love. For night and day.

Do not cheat yourselves. Embrace it all. Flow with it into the sea of mysteries.

And flowing with it into the sea of mysteries, you look back into the mirror of your life.

Maybe you see it as a shattered mirror, and each shard as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Every shard is shaped differently, and each misleads you as to the image in its fullness.

Until you realize that the cracks in that mirror are only the undulating of this sea, and that you are already immersed in the mysteries.

And then the shards flow through your fingers, and your fingers are like wind chimes, and the wind and the wave and the flame are one, and the denseness of the earth opens up into its deeper reality as the boundless space of consciousness.

There you arrive, in the truth of both the center and the circumference.

Grateful. Beyond words. For life. For love.

-- Richard Power