Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Astonishingly Subtle, Yet Shockingly Ruthless

The journey of awakening.

Astonishingly subtle, yet shockingly ruthless; excruciatingly cold, yet exquisitely tender. It is both everything it is not, and nothing that it is.

Consider the consequences of two likely behavior patterns.


Blissing-out is not the journey; it is a very beneficial side-effect of the journey, but if you mistake for the journey itself, you will end up taking an unproductive side-trip. Pure bliss (Ananda) is a doorway to pure consciousness (Chit) and pure being (Sat); just as pure consciousness and pure being are doorways to the other two. (And yes, of course, all three are one.) But whatever vector you enter on, you must still go through the other two doorways.

Within psyche and soma, there is work (although it is not really work) to be done (although it is not really doing).


Yes, within psyche and soma, there is work to be done. But professionalism is not the journey either; turning your journey into your career is worse than a side-trip, it is a cul-de-sac, from which, one day, you will have to turn around and retrace your step. It is sad to see someone clearing away a little quadrant of psyche and/or soma, which they are constantly seeking to push out farther, incrementally and at the expense of others. Those who put out their shingle, as if they have anything to offer in such a way are just selling water by the river. They are digging ditches for themselves, all the while imaging they are freeing themselves and helping others. It never ends well.

Sooner or later your customers will have to do through their own re-wiring; and sooner or later, you will have to start over on your own journey.