Tuesday, December 25, 2012

At Every Moment, & In Every Circumstance

Celtic Symbol of the Triune Goddess

Divine intelligence pervades this universe. Human ignorance is no more than its shadow.

Divine intelligence sustains this universe. It enlivens every cell; it informs every creature.

Divine intelligence calls us to reality through every problem, and encourages us on with every opportunity.

Prayer and meditation, authentic prayer and meditation, constitute the human heart's dialogue with this divine intelligence; likewise, scientific inquiry, authentic scientific inquiry, constitutes the human mind's conversation with this divine intelligence.

You can call on this divine intelligence at any moment. It will always respond. You can turn to it in any circumstance. It will always engage. It has no other choice. Gratitude is one of its open doors. Compassion is another one of its open doors.

It is never any further away than your own next breath. It is always waiting for you in the space between one thought and the next.

You will recognize it because, unlike human ignorance, the inter-connectedness of everything is immediately apparent to it, and also because paradoxes are second-nature to it. This divine intelligence is calling us to true freedom (which is a much more mysterious state than we imagine it to be).

Divine intelligence thrives in embodiment. It urges us on to embodiment. Yoga, martial arts and the dance offer path ways into the wilds of divine intelligence. Such journeys of self-discovery are vital to establishing an intimate relationship with it.

And in a revelation, just as in a kiss, for that flash, the "I" and "Thou" become transparent and transposed.

The medicine of life is calling to you. It is offering itself to you at every moment, and in every circumstance. We are never powerless or lost.

Divine intelligence is literally at our fingertips, ever and always. Only our own expectations fail us; only our own imaginations mislead us.

-- Richard Power

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