Thursday, December 20, 2012

Solstice December 21, 2012

Triple Spiral of the Triune Goddess. Newgrange Tomb Entrance Stone (Ireland). Photo Credit: Nomadtales, 2005

This particular solstice is of profound importance. And our world desperately needs such a moment. But it is not an isolated event, it is actually a singularly magnificent peak among magnificent peaks, along a mountain range of change; one that has been forming under our feet for decades now, and will continue to take form for decades to come.

Don't let this moment of profound importance rob tomorrow and the days thereafter of their unique significance. Every moment of every night must become like this one; every moment of every night has the potential to be just as profoundly important both to you and this world.

So whether you are in the North, and experience it as the Winter Solstice, or you are in the South and experience it as the Summer Solstice, open yourself up to it, offer yourself up. Yes, there are wheels within wheels, but the cosmic wheel itself is also turning. And this year, in this transition, you will be able to feel it. You will be able to turn through it, and with it, into a deeper, fuller expression of your own life's truth. And you will also be able to unhesitatingly embrace your role in the deeper, fuller expression of this planet's truth.

Immerse yourself in silence. Bathe in light, swim in darkness.

Breathe in the night sky, sing forth the dawn.

-- Richard Power

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Black Hole at Milky Way's Center. Image Credit: NASA/Caltech, 2012