Thursday, September 05, 2013

Its Like Will Not Be Found Again

Gustav Moreau - Night (1880)
The future emerges from the darkness. It is a mystery.

New Moons are for beginnings.

Welcome this opportunity. It beckons you to feel for the wheel, and move with it.

Within you, new life is awakening.
Be tender with it, and invite it to sing; it knows a song that you have forgotten.

There is medicine in this song.
Don't just drown it out with some lesser tune.

ALL is fleeting. And that which is seemingly the most fleeting is perhaps the most vital.

So listen to the song, and taste the medicine.
It was made just for you, and its like will not be found again.

New Moons are for beginnings.

The ending will come soon enough, why not savor a few more moments within the mystery?

We cannot control any of it.