Wednesday, September 04, 2013

You are So Much More than Some "Soul" in a "Body" Living Out an Incarnation on a Straight Line ...

Edward Curtis - Pima Burial Grounds (1906)
You are so much more than some "soul" in a "body" living out an incarnation on a straight line from some point in the "past" to some point in the "future," whether you see that journey as a one-off event ("Christian" concept) or a cycle of returns ("Buddhist" concept).

You are so much more than any of that. You might as well compare the Grand Canyon to a shallow ditch, or Victoria Falls to a garden sprinkler.

It would be more accurate to say yours was a "body" within a "soul" rather than the other way around, but it still cheats you of the amazing truth.

You are an utterly unique point of radiant flame, not separate from the one star whose energy fuels all life. You do not have one "body," you have five or seven (depending on the system you reference), and each is just a sheath, like Salome's veils.

They do not hide your naked beauty, they highlight it in subtle hues.

The breath, the senses, the belly, the heart, the mind, these limbs, your sex, so many siddhis are already yours. Cherish this. Live this truth.

-- Richard Power

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