Saturday, December 14, 2013

Straw Dogs

Edward Burne-Jones - The Wheel of Fortune (1883)
Life is bittersweet. But I want more.
Lately, I have been particularly unimpressed with humanity. But I want more.

I am grateful for every day I am allowed here. I am grateful for my circumstances, however challenging at any given moment. I understand that whatever circumstances I find myself in constitute the portal through which I will journey on to the next adventure.

I am grateful for love, however fickle, and for health, however fleeting. I am grateful for time, however ruthless, and for clarity, however revealing.

Don't whitewash the nature of existence with some paintbrush of faux spirituality.
Embrace this life in all of its multicolored richness, in all of its wildness.

We are straw dogs, and the goddess is the fire that consumes us. She is us and we are her.
We are the flames that consume the straw dogs we imagine ourselves to be.

This is the truth.

-- Richard Power

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