Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tears and Laughter

Man Ray - Glass Tears, "Les Larmes" (1932)
The flow of tears is a great river. It never runs dry.
Although its current cannot unmake your wounds, it will cleanse them.

Furthermore, this great river is an excellent means of accelerated travel.
If you surrender to its current, it will deliver you on-time to your next appointment.

And yes, if you follow it all the way, you will eventually arrive at the sea.

Laughter is an endless thunderstorm. Rolling, roaring, its every paroxysm causes the sky of your imagination to shudder and open wider. Its torrential rains wet the parched, cracked lips of the earth you are, and nourishes the roots of who you are becoming. With every thunder clap, freedom from fear (the truest freedom) takes on an ever more tangible quality.

And then there is the space in between the great river and the endless storm, it is simply called "peace." But this peace is not a neutral state, it is not the absence of either or both. It is ever-pregnant with these twins named "tears" and "laughter."

Yes, peace is the mother that carries these twins in her womb. She gives birth to them, and then watches over them while they play together in the garden of how-it-is-now.

Whenever you find yourself lost or beaten down, remember that one of these three is always within reach, that each leads to the other, and that all three work together to bring you into a brilliant new reality.

-- Richard Power

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