Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Turn It All Inside Out

Grimm Brothers Roses. New York Botanical Garden. June 2015. Summer Solstice, June 2015.
Imaginary "leaders" at the head of imaginary "movements." Imaginary "healers" who "heal" others to avoid cleaning and dressing their own old, deep wounds. Imaginary "teachers" who "teach" to mask the desperate truth of how utterly lost they are. "Life coaches" whose own lives are a hot, self-deceiving mess. "Shaman" who have never had their hearts fed back to them by a bear or lion. Whoa. What a landscape. Hungry ghosts. Turn it all inside out, and burn it.

Begin again, from a place of emptiness. The rain will take care of the rest. It will fill your mouth with tears. And if it doesn't rain, if you arrive at yourself in the desert, then the wind will take care of the rest. It will fill your mouth with sand. Either way, you will be starting over again from an authentic place. Life is calling to you. Don't try to lead it or heal it or teach it. Love it.

And from that love, which is a fullness that blossoms only from the greatest emptiness, from that love, you will dream a new world and awaken, naked and free, into its reality.

-- Richard Power, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher (RYT500)

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