Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Wave

San Francisco, August 2015

The wave rises. You close your eyes. It crashes in upon you. After few hours, another wave rises. The interlude is rarely as long as a day, and never as long as a week. After the wave breaks, an utterance is demanded. From deep within. However articulate that utterance is, it is still no more than a gasp or a howl. And yet, all the joy of all the beings is held in that gasp, like a great strand of kelp, and it wraps itself around all the suffering of all the beings, and the two great strands of kelp undulate in a sacred dance of awakening and arousal. Until the surf is all out again, and it is time for another wave to come crashing in. Invariably, this one too is infused with the joys and sorrows of all beings everywhere. And yes, invariably, as it crashes over you, another utterance imperative arises. So you speak it all out loud, again and again, and each time it is wholly new and yet the same as it has always been. You feel every grain of sand the wave carries with it. Yes, you feel every sand grain and you hear every sand grain's story, all at once -- as if from the inside out. 

This is how it is. The far shore is behind you.

-- Richard Power

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