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GS(3) Thunderbolt 3-29-07: Update on Darfur Crisis -- Mia Farrow Calls for Olympics Boycott, Demands Spielberg Not "Sanitize" Beijing's Image

Image: Mia Farrow in Sudan

GS(3) Thunderbolt 3-29-07: Update on Darfur Crisis -- Mia Farrow Calls for Olympics Boycott, Demands Spielberg Not "Sanitize" Beijing's Image

By Richard Power

There is much to write about in the news, in particular a burgeoning scandal concerning abuse of power and obstruction of justice on the domestic front, and the danger of a regional war in the Middle East on the international front. Words of Power will continue to address both of these vital issues, but the crisis in Darfur is of even greater urgency.

Mia Farrow has upped the anty for those great nations, like China, that enable the government in Kharthoum, as well as those in the US mainstream news media and entertainment industry, like Steven Spielberg, who want to look the other way.

American actor Mia Farrow has criticised film director Steven Spielberg and four corporate sponsors for supporting the 2008 Beijing Olympics as long as China fails to pressure Sudan over Darfur.
In an article in Thursday's Wall Street Journal, Farrow accused China of "bankrolling Darfur's genocide" and called on Spielberg and the sponsors to "add their ... voices to the growing calls for Chinese action to end the slaughter...".
Spielberg is on the production team for the Games opening ceremony next August, while Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric and McDonald's are among the sponsors of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
"That so many corporate sponsors want the world to look away from that atrocity during the Games is bad enough," Farrow, a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, wrote.
"But equally disappointing is the decision of artists like director Steven Spielberg to sanitize Beijing's image."
China supplies arms to Sudan and also has huge oil investments in the country. Rights groups say its engagement is frustrating attempts to stop the civil war and atrocities.
"Beijing is uniquely positioned to put a stop to the slaughter, yet they have so far been unabashed in their refusal to do so," she wrote.
"But there is now one thing that China may hold more dear than their unfettered access to Sudanese oil: their successful staging of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
"That desire may provide a lone point of leverage with a country that has otherwise been impervious to all criticism."
Farrow attacks Spielberg, Olympic sponsors on Darfur, Reuters, 3-29-07

If you want to help save Darfur, here are some sites that offer suggestions on how to participate:

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