Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Global Security, Stand w/ Hansen and El-Baradei Against the Disinforming and Delusional

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On Global Security, Stand w/ Hansen and El-Baradei Against the Disinforming and Delusional

By Richard Power

NASA's Dr. James Hansen spoke out on climate change twenty years ago, and he was right.

And despite the worst efforts of the Bush-Cheney regime's political commissars over the last seven years, Hansen is still speaking out on climate change, and he is still right.

On this anniversary of his first landmark testimony, Hansen once again appeared before Congress today. This afternoon, he told the House Select Committee for Energy Independence and Climate Change that the chief executives of large fossil fuel companies should be put on trial for crimes against humanity and nature. He argued that global warming science has been corrupted in the same way that tobacco companies once attempted to blur the links between smoking and cancer, and he called for government investments in alternative energy to help end our dependence. He also asserted that because we haven't done anything yet to curb our emissions, he is certain that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is already beyond the safe level – we're already at 385 parts per million of carbon dioxide, and it's increasing at a rate of 2ppm a year. The "safe" level, according to Hansen, is 350.. Kate Shepherd, Guardian, 6-23-08

Mohamed El-Baradei, Director General of the UN IAEA, was right about Iraq in the run-up to the Bush-Cheney regime's invasion and occupation.

And he is right now about Iran.

The UN atomic watchdog chief warned on Saturday that an attack on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme would turn the region into a fireball, as Tehran rejected any Israeli strike as "impossible."
Mohamed ElBaradei also warned that he would not be able to continue in his role as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director general if the Islamic republic were attacked. ... "A military strike (against Iran) would in my opinion be worse than anything else ... It would transform the Middle East region into a ball of fire," ElBaradei said in an interview with Al-Arabiya television.
Agence France Press, 6-20-08

Hansen was and is right, El-Baradei was and is right.

Therefore, you will not hear much from either man on your TV.

The sponsors wouldn't like it.

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