Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life has No Meaning

Life has no meaning. Anyone who suggests one is either lying to you or to themselves. Your life simply is. To be embraced, to be explored. Sacred, profane, profound, mundane. To be followed wherever it leads. One gamble after another. If you find yourself desperate for meaning, you are not lacking meaning, you are lacking life. You are not cut off from meaning; you are somehow cut off from where your life is flowing.

Or you are exhausted, and need to immerse yourself in the lessons of sky and mountain, i.e., silence & emptiness. Without emptiness, fullness cannot overflow; without silence, music has no where to arise.

You could say love is life's meaning, or beauty, or truth, but they are synonyms for life; and yes, each has its opposite. But that simply underscores the power of choice: we can choose beauty over ugliness, & love over hate; and whenever life answers us with ugliness or hate; again, we can choose our response. And no, choice isn't meaning either. Choosing is simply living; and, indeed, life's most meaningful moments are often choiceless.

-- Richard Power

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