Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rope Ladders

Nicholas Roerich - Kirshna, Spring in Kulu (1930)

There is no "silence," nor any "stillness."

Much of the language of our spiritual heritages is misleading.

All is moving, all is humming. There are only ever-subtler levels of vibration.

When you immerse yourself in "silence," you are simply moving into subtler dimensions of eternal, unstruck sound.

When you settle into "stillness," you are simply coming into the experience of a subtler realm of perpetual motion.

The web of life is inconceivably VAST and incomprehensibly SENSITIVE. It shudders with every joy and every sorrow; and that shuddering is information passed on to each silken node of light, which processes the information, whether consciously or not.

Mantra, breath and yoga function like rope ladders, each syllable, each breath, each asana is a step on one of these rope ladders.

These steps lead into an infinite labyrinth of sublime light.

-- Richard Power