Saturday, December 31, 2011


‎2012. The turning of the wheel.

Praying for an astonishing shift in our collective psyche, one which will enable us to meet the astonishing shift in our circumstances; resolving to work diligently and live joyously into and through both of these shifts.

Blessings of love and vision to all of you. Beautiful beings, look at yourselves in the radiant mirror of this precious life.

Celebrate Gaia and she will sustain you. Celebrate Durga and she will protect you. Celebrate White Buffalo Woman and she will move among you.

The Gregorian calendar New Year is upon us.

I hope to meet 2012 with great peace and great clarity, and to move within it from great love and great courage.

But living from the global perspective, I remember that there are numerous beginnings wrapped within the beginning: Chinese New Year (Jan. 23), Tibetan New Year (Feb. 22), Persian New Year (March 20), Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 16), Samhain (Nov 6) and of course the Equinoxes (March 19 and December 21) and the Solstices (June 20 and September 22), and ...

The circle of life always ending, always beginning, always turning toward itself ...