Saturday, February 11, 2012

Every Twist in the Plot of Life

Cave bear (Ursus spelaeus Rosenm├╝ller, 1794) Skull. Stage: 370 000 - 10 000 Years Pleistocene. Locality: Yamalo-Nenetsky region, Siberia, Russia. Size of skull: 57 cm

When someone cannot live the truth they have come into contact with, they turn away from it, and then come into contact with it somewhere else, imagining they have heard something new, or met someone greater, until the pattern repeats itself again, and again.

And so it goes ... The truth of a thousand years ago is the truth of tomorrow, the love of a millennia ago is the love of today ...

Every breath is the divine embrace, every moment is revelation, every twist in the plot of life is an invitation to brilliance and courage ...

-- Richard Power