Sunday, April 01, 2012


Each life, two-legged, four-legged, winged, slithering, swimming, every life; no more than a thimble of salt water from a undulating, infinite sea of being.

The Unnamable Goddess holds up each of thimble-full; gazing into its contents, She sees countless infinite oceans of being, undulating within every molecule.

Each thimble-full has a unique vibration, and that unique vibration tells her a story.

When the story is finished, She pours the water back into the ocean from which She drew it; but just as the ocean had not been diminished by the drawing forth of the thimble-full, the story of the thimble's contents is not lost when it is returned to the ocean.

Furthermore, the Unnamable Goddess Herself is only a shimmering vision formed by the shape-shifting waves of that infinite ocean of being, She does not exist in separateness.

Indeed, there is only this infinite ocean of being (Sat), and the infinite sky of consciousness (Chit) that stretches over it, like a sleeping lover. And if you follow the horizon beyond where the infinite ocean and the infinite sky seem to meet, you will realize that they both disappear into a reality of bliss (Ananda) beyond any conceivability.

At this moment, in this place, you are nothing less than all of this.