Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Circumference and Center

A full view of the Giant Buddha Statue of Leshan, Sichuan, China 
Photo Credit: Ariel Steiner (June 2005)

Circumference and Center

If prayer is not its own answer, it is not true prayer; it is petitioning or bargaining.

If meditation is not its own goal, it is not true meditation; it is only a contrived means toward some imaginary end.

What we arrive at in true prayer is our own true intention; what we arrive at in true meditation is "who" and "what" we really are.

In one sense, true prayer and true meditation are synonyms; in another sense, they are two distinct movements within the dance of being.

In true prayer we experience the embrace of the circumference; in true meditation, we experience the clarity of the center.

In true prayer, we move from the embrace of the circumference to the clarity of the center; in true meditation we move from the clarity of the center to the embrace of the circumference.

 -- Richard Power