Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not An Illusion

Titian - Mary Magdalene (1530)

The suffering of the world is not an illusion to be shattered; it is not some problem that simply requires a more positive attitude.

Nor is it something that can be addressed with wishful thinking.

The suffering of the world, e.g., that of Tibet and Darfur, is a call to action, even if for you that action is simply, silently, inwardly, breathing in peace and breathing out compassion.

You must determine for yourself how to respond to the suffering of the world. For everyone it is different, for everyone it is personal.

You must respond, but not with erroneous metaphysical doctrines and false detachment.

True detachment from the suffering of the world is entering into it, with eyes open, with heart engaged, and with unwavering love and indomitable courage.

True detachment is NEVER turning away; indeed, true detachment is the refusal to look away. True detachment also the refusal to be overcome by despair.

True detachment is utter engagement; utter engagement is true detachment.

You are only truly free when you realize that the imprisonment of your brother and sister beings is your own, and that you are never free until all are free; and in THAT MOMENT, all are free WORLD WITHOUT END. Live large!

-- Richard Power

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