Saturday, November 24, 2012

Abode of the Great Peace

Salvador Dali - Oasis (1946)
Fortunate to be alive in this universe, fortunate to be in human form, with all the profound responsibility and potentiality that this mirror image of the divine matrix brings with it.

Fortunate to have heard of the abode of great peace, somewhere along the road. Fortunate to have found that place and entered therein.

Fortunate enough to have come upon it again and again, and to eventually return to it at will. Or so it seemed.

Fortunate, in due time, to have moved into that abode, and have dwelled within the great peace, coming and going of my own free will. Or so it seemed.

Fortunate enough to discover that there is no coming, no going, no inside, no outside, no peace, no not peace.

Fortunate to discover that the great dance is the great peace, and that the great peace is the great dance.

Fortunate to live long enough to tell you this.

The abode of great peace dwells within you, and you dwell within it.

You are the great peace and you move within the great dance. You are the great dance and you move within the great peace.

"Meditate on peace"? OK. But better to meditate IN, OF and FROM peace. "Visualize peace"? OK, but better to RADIATE peace.


-- Richard Power

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