Saturday, November 24, 2012


John William Waterhouse - Circe Offering Cup to Ulysses (1891)
Truth is naked. It has no shame. Truth is ruthless. It takes everything for its own. Truth is inexhaustible. This universe is merely a reflection of Truth seen "though a glass darkly."

Some among us boast of having "no regrets." There are two kinds of regrets: regrets that look backward and drain you of your power, and regrets that look forward to inform your present and your future. I have regrets, but none that look backward. I carry mine in the ark of my heart, with numerous other sacred relics of this existence. They bless my endeavors.

Truth is the medicine, truth is the magic. It comes to different people in different ways at different times. It may comes from a painting, it may come from a cactus, it may come from an asana, it may come from a moonrise, or from the pre-dawn darkness, it may come from a kiss, or the loss of a kiss, it may come from a dream, or from a dreamless sleep, it may from an utter mishap or a crowning achievement, it may come from the space between two thoughts, or from the space between two breaths. Whatever it uses to communicate itself, however it arrives, it is the truth, and it will liberate you, although, truthfully, liberation is not what most of us imagine it to be.

-- Richard Power

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