Saturday, November 24, 2012

Choicelessness and the Dancers

Machig Labdron. 11th Century Yogini, Mother of Mahamudra Chod. (Central Tibet, ca. Early 14th Century)
From the moment of "birth" to the moment of "death," joy and sorrow dance together intimately. If you welcome only one of these dancers, you fail to comprehend the Divine Choreographer's vision; if you see only one of them as beautiful, you do not understand the vital elements of which Beauty herself is composed of.

Life is rich with choices. Whether you choose joy or sorrow, your choice is often the seed from which its opposite blossoms. Indeed, many of life's most profound choices are actually choicelessness hidden behind a mask. To love life is to join the dance of joy and sorrow. There is no other viable choice.

-- Richard Power

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