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GS(3) Thunderbolt 7-7-06: Mexican Presidential Election Still in Doubt

GS(3) Thunderbolt 7-7-06: Victor in Mexican Presidential Election Still in Doubt

By Richard Power

Despite the bum's rush in the US mainstream news media, the issue of who won the Mexican presidential election is still unresolved...

"On Larry King last night, Bush was asked this:
KING: We’re back with the Bushes. And the Mexico elections have been decided, apparently, and the conservative, Mr. Calderon, narrowly wins. Any thoughts?
BUSH: I look forward to working with whomever the Mexican people have elected and…
KING: Do you know him?
BUSH: I don’t know him. Looking forward to getting to know him.
KING: Apparently he won. I’m glad to bring you the news.
BUSH: You sure did."

Larry King Live, CNN transcript, Crooks and Liars, 7-7-06

But Lopez Obrador has not conceded. He is demanding a full recount.

Greg Palast's investigation continues:

And the winner in Mexico’s presidential contest is… Senor Blank-o!
The official count of the ruling party is: 36.38% for the ruling party and 35.34% for the challenger. Or, to put names and numbers to it: The Bush-o-philiac candidate, Felipe Calderon, collected 402,000 more votes than Bush-bashed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. But the big winner was Mr. Blank — the 827,000 ballots without a mark for president....Blank ballots are rarely random — in the USA, nearly 88% were cast in 2004, notably, in minority areas, the result of bad voting machines. That is, Democrats’ ballots “spoil” and “blank out” a heck of a lot more often than Republican ballots. What about in Mexico?...And what about the “spoiled” vote — ballots rejected, lost, mangled? Well, some are sitting in dumpsters in Veracruz State which is controlled by the old ruling PRI. (There’s a darn good chance that the PRI, hoping to stave off its extinction, played a bigger role than Calderon’s PAN in shoplifting votes from challenger Lopez Obrador.)...Too many uncounted votes, too many blocked voters, too many statistics missing from the official tallies to jump to the automatic conclusion of US mainstream media, that this election was Mexico’s first “clean” vote. It may look clean and neat from the Intercontinental Hotel in Mexico City where reporters shuttle from bar to press conference. But sniffing into the garbage piles and ballot piles of Veracruz, it smells more like Ohio con salsa.
Greg Palast, “Senor Blank-o” wins in Mexico, 7-6-06


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