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UN Millennium Goals Update -- Archive

Image: UN Millennium Goals

NOTE: As Words of Power approaches its second anniverary, the volume of content is remarkable. I want to make it as accessible, useful and informative as I can. So this is the seventh in a series of thematic directories added to my site. Using these directories, you can scroll down lists of posts organzed by theme, e.g., Darfur, Climate Crisis, or Campaign '08. Look for more such archives in coming weeks.

UN Millennium Goals Updates -- Archive

The right to be a child, the right to be a woman, the right to drink clean water -- these rights should be inalienable. But, on this planet, even now, in the 21st Century, they are not.

The UN Millennium Development Goals articulate eight vital imperatives, including the right to be a woman, the right to be a child, and the right to drink clean water, and the nations of the world have sworn to achieve them.

The overarching aim of the program is to halve extreme poverty globally by 2015.

This brave agenda should be on the lips of every US citizen, and every person in every developed country.

Sadly, most people in the USA do not even know what the UN MDG are, and among those who do, a significant % probably think it is flawed liberal thinking.

This is a tragedy, not only for those languishing in extreme poverty, and in oppression and exploitation, throughout the world, but also for those who turn away; their hearts and minds are spiritually impoverished.

The UN Millennium Goals is one of the focuses of Words of Power

It is an integral aspect of the overall struggle to survive the 21st Century Crisis in Ssecurity, Sustainability and Spirit.

Although the UN MDG are a theme that you will find referenced in numerous Words of Power posts on Global Warming, Sustainability, Terrorism and related issues, in this particular directory, you will find UN Millennium Goal Updates, along with some other relevant content, listed in reverse chronological order.

-- Richard Power

No more than a strand in the infinite web of life, interconnected w/ every other strand; no less than an agent of change that can effect the whole

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