Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pathless Path

Nicholas Roerich - Hidden Treasure (1947)

There is a Pathless Path that weaves in and out of all the great mystical traditions, often surviving in spite of such traditions, rather than because of them.

It is not all that popular, of course, even among those who profess great passion for life, love and truth; perhaps because it leaves NO wiggle room for hiding within one's own fantasies about the human journey, and perhaps because it does not lend itself to the monetizing of spiritual relationships or the reinforcement of false ego through inappropriate teacher-student models.

Recently, I have been strongly reminded of how fortunate I am to have encountered this Pathless Path, and to have recognized it and made it my own.

I am so grateful to those who have kept this open secret alive and accessible, in and from every direction, for many thousands of years.

I am profoundly happy to dedicate my remaining life to the furtherance of this planetary heritage, through the revelation of its mysteries in my own experience.

-- Richard Power