Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Only $30 Billion A Year Could Mitigate 20% of the Greenhouse Effect Responsible for the Planet's Climate Change Crisis

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Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: Only $30 billion a year could mitigate 20% of the greenhouse effect responsible for the planet's climate change crisis; $30 billion is the cost of approximately three months of the US occupation of Iraq

By Richard Power

Climate change and the sustainability meltdown are not insurmountable challenges or unmanageable crises. There are simple, sweeping and achievable solutions available to us. It is human greed, fear and ignorance that are seemingly insurmountable and unmanageable.

Here is an example --

At the UN Biodiversity Conference in Bonn, Greenpeace has urged that the great nations establish a fund to thwart deforestation.

The Greenpeace plan would cost $30 billion a year.

Yes, that's right -- $30 billion a year to mitigate 20% of the greenhouse effect responsible for the planet's climate change crisis; $30 billion is the cost of approximately three months of the US occupation of Iraq.

The Greenpeace plan is practical, economical and efficient.

Why you haven't heard of the Forest for Climate Plan in the US mainstream news media or from the floor of the U.S. Senate?

To read it for yourself, click here.

Greenpeace urged industrialised nations .. to set up an international fund to fight deforestation but warned it would require at least 30 billion dollars a year to work.
The plan would see rich nations give poorer ones money to preserve their natural forests instead of felling trees to create farmland, Greenpeace's Roman Czebiniac told an 11-day UN conference on biodiversity in Bonn.
He said the fund would need 20 to 27 billion euros (31 to 47 billion dollars) a year to halt the rapid destruction of forests, but billed it as the only plan on the table "to protect both biodiversity and the climate."
"At the moment, the rainforests are disappearing at a rate of the equivalent of a football field every two seconds," he warned.
Put differently, deforestation accounts for 20 percent of the greenhouse effect blamed for global warming.
Greenpeace asked that its proposal -- dubbed the "Forest for Climate Plan" -- be made part of a blueprint for fighting deforestation in negotiations for a post-2012 climate deal.
Agence France Press, 5-20-08

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