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Burma Crisis Update: One Question -- Is Aung San Suu Kyi Alive and Safe in the Chaotic Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis?

Image: Aung San Suu Kyi, TIME 100

Burma Crisis Update: One Question -- Is Aung San Suu Kyi Alive and Safe in the Chaotic Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis?

By Richard Power

20,000 dead? 50,000 dead? 60,000 dead? 100,000 dead?

It is not surprising that the Burmese Thugocracy has been slow to allow international emergency relief workers into the country.

It is not surprising that they have left at least one million of their people to wait in desperation for help.

It is not surprising that they are trying to thwart the compassionate action of Burma's Buddhist monks.

The slower it all moves, the less people there are to keep under the boot of oppression. Furthermore, those that survive will be weaker and more pliable.

Of course, the chaos may also provide the thugocracy with cover for some nefarious acts.

I have just one question for the UN General Secretary to ask, he should demand an answer, and that demand should echo throughout the global news media --

Is Aung San Suu Kyi alive and safe in the chaotic aftermath of Cyclone Nargis?

Let us see her and hear from her.

Meanwhile, Words of Power and urge you to stand with the people of Burma and get aid money into the hands of the Burmese monks -- click here.

Here is some news from inside this tortured land --

“I saw monks in Rangoon, after the storm, distributing food to survivors,” a physician in the former capital said. “I also saw monks clearing up fallen trees and rebuilding houses.” ...
While Buddhist monks were striving to save lives and aid survivors, the Burmese military authorities were attempting to prevent the monks from getting involved in relief efforts.
“The authorities won’t allow people to take refuge in monasteries,” a journalist in Rangoon said. “They will only permit people to shelter in schools. Even if the monks want to distribute water to survivors, they have to get permission from the authorities.” ...
Meanwhile, local authorities in Rangoon began distributing tin roofing materials on Tuesday— some three days after the disaster—but not for free. And first, rooftops were only being provided to those with military connections.
“You are survivor. But if you want a new roof for your house, you need to pay 4,900 kyat (US $4.29) to the authorities for the materials,” said a housewife in Rangoon.
“Then you are lucky—because what I see is that mostly relatives of local authorities buy those roofing materials and sell them on to ordinary people at an inflated price of 30,000 kyat ($26.3) per tin roof.
Irrawaddy, 5/7/08

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