Monday, October 22, 2012

We Exist, Simultaneously, in Absolute Aloneness and Utter Relationality.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Series I, Number (1918)

We exist, simultaneously, in absolute aloneness and utter relationality. We are utterly alone, and yet we exist ONLY as a sum of relationships. This paradox is the divine reality. Every great wisdom teaching, whether of the heart, or the mind or the belly or the root, is framed within this divine paradox, and built upon a foundational realization of this divine paradox.

Those who embrace it are on the path of realizing the truth of the universe and the self. Those who resist it are also on the path of realizing the truth of the universe and the self; but they are robbing themselves of the richness that is theirs to spend, and the power that is theirs to exercise, and so it is a more circuitous route.

It is as simple as this, at every moment, the choice is ours. It does not matter what choices you have made in the past; they have all brought you here anyway.

It only matters what you choose next. And the same will be true in the moment that follows this one. On and on. Yes.

-- Richard Power

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