Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: "Lighting a Billion Lives" & Looking at Climate Crisis as "a Massive Market Failure"

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Climate Crisis & Sustainability Update: "Lighting a Billion Lives" & Looking at Climate Crisis as "a Massive Market Failure"

One billion people can get electricity for the first time for little more than the cost of one month's war in Iraq, said Rajendra Pachauri, the head of a Nobel peace prize-winning U.N. panel of climate scientists.
Pachauri is supporting a campaign "lighting a billion lives", led by India's Energy and Resources Institute, to furnish people without access to the grid with electric lanterns powered by solar photovoltaic panels. ...
Some 1.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity.
Pachauri compared the $15 billion cost of providing solar-powered lights to a billion people with a reported cost of the U.S.-led military campaign in Iraq of $12 billion a month.
He described that perceived mis-match in resources as "one of the biggest tragedies that the world can be guilty of".
Reuters, 3-11-08

One way to look at the climate problem is through the lens of the market. If you do, only one conclusion is possible -- the climate change problem is a massive market failure, a failure of market mechanisms to factor in future costs of a change in climate in real time prices.
Because of that failure the industrialised countries have changed the atmosphere so drastically that climate is changing already now. Because of that failure the world economy, if unchecked, heads for disaster. ...
The massive loss of biodiversity is another example of market failure. The market cannot by itself price the future costs of the extinction of this or that organism, and so we destroy thousands of species each year that might be very useful to humanity.
These massive challenges influence political and economic thinking. It's getting more and more obvious that only government intervention on the national and international level can steer the world economy and its markets -- nobody seriously thinks of eliminating markets -- in a more sustainable direction.
If you observe closely what is happening in Kyoto and post-Kyoto processes, it is clear that the governments of the world are influenced by ecological economists like the U.S. professor Herman Daly. That must taste like sweet revenge for Daly. Once he headed the environmental division of the World Bank, but he left because he felt that the basic philosophy of the Bank was incompatible with his thinking.
Ecological economy wants primarily that the economy has a sustainable scale relative to the ecosystems on which it relies. That is exactly what the climate negotiations try to realise.
John Vandaele, Inter Press Service, 3-11-08

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