Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cave Bear Speaks

Bear Relic, July 2011, Photo: Richard Power

I am Bear. First of the gods, and fiercest. Before Fear had a name, I was. Before Magic had a name, I was.

I am Bear. I led you to the caves, In the darkness, my bones welcomed you.

I am Bear. You danced me, you ate me, you wrapped yourself in me.

I am Bear. In the caves, you called on my medicine for protection and abundance, and these flowed freely.

I am Bear. I led you to the berries and the honey, I led you to the salmon and the seals.

I am Bear. In my shadow, you embraced the carnal heat, from my skull you drank the primal reality. I am Bear. Female and male, mother of the drum, father of the rattle. I am Bear. My roar shaped Arthur's round table. My scent permeated the recesses of his keep.

I am Bear. I carried this Earth's wisdom before it even knew itself. Neanderthal knew, Whale knew, Eagle knew, and I knew. But you forgot, and so you are blind to your shadow and deaf to your dreams. Remember.

I am Bear. The circle is broken. Find the you in which it has been healed.

Join the ceremony again. Celebrate.

I am Bear. These are the jaws of time, and the claws of space.

My totem protects you, but not from me.

-- Richard Power