Saturday, July 16, 2011

Psyche is a Vast, Fathomless Ocean

Andrew Wyeth - Seabed (circa 1970s)

Psyche is a vast, fathomless ocean.

There are garbage patches, and dead zones; there are shipwrecks and sunken treasures. The flotsam and jetsum of regret (e.g., broken hearts, lost dreams, etc.) bob up & down in the swell, coursing on to nowhere.

On this ocean, each of us is both sailor & wave. No wave can be separated from any other wave, and yet each sailor's mind seems to hold a different ocean.

In the ocean of psyche, there is a dreaded stretch where it is always raining; there, all grief, personal & planetary, returns from the sky in great torrents, salt water endlessly emptying into itself.

But those brave enough to sail into that mysterious place, do not drown in sorrow; they exit the other side, imbued with a profound, indescribable joy, which is at once humbling and exalting, and remains with them forever.