Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time is Not Linear; Nor Space Three-Dimensional ...

Time is not linear; nor space three-dimensional. Strange when those who know this, act as if it were not true.

If you study history from past to future, or study space by height, width and depth only, then you are just lost in your mind. It is love that frees you from the chalk-line of linear time and the confines of geometric space.

Our being is a continuum, vast past, vast future, vast now; intimate, luminous, exquisite.

Of course, linear time is acutely real; its reality is relativity, but it is nonetheless real. Likewise, three-dimensional space, is acutely real, although relative.

The scientist starts from linear time and three-dimensional space and journeys beyond them; the shaman starts from beyond linear time and three-dimensional space and journeys toward them.

Both travelers arrive at the same destination in the end; it is called the beginning.

-- Richard Power