Thursday, June 21, 2007

Campaign '08 -- Archive

Bulworth, Written and Directed by Warren Beatty

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In this directory, you will find all Words of Power posts that relate to the 2008 US national elections in general or mention a specific candidate in particular. They are posted in reverse chronological order. -- Richard Power

Echoes of A Message from Post History: Reflections on the Inaugurations of JFK and Barack Obama

Campaign '08 Summary: Beyond Grant Park -- Many Rivers to Cross

Campaign '08 Update: Random Courage & Senseless Acts of Conscience

Do Not Miss the Deeper Significance in the Endorsements of Powell & Buckley

Election Security Update: How Bitter can the Irony Get? Will the Democratic Party Finally Fight the Criminality of Right-Wing Vote Suppression

Gore & Krugman, Peace & Prosperity: In This Election & After, Will the USA Heed the Message the Nobel Committee has Been Sending These Last Two Years?

Bridgette Bardot to Sarah Palin: "You are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe."

Campaign '08 Update: Overcoming the Triple Threat to the Election of 2008

Updates on Darfur and Campaign '08: the Good Storyteller vs. the Bad Storyteller; What Lehrer Didn't Ask About & Why

While Palin Rattles A Saber She Should Not Have Been Given; Aung San Suu Kyi Quietly, Peacefully Delivers Another Blow to the Burmese Thugocracy

Weigh the Coverage of Sarah Palin's Ascension Against the Coverage of Aung San Suu Kyi's Hunger Strike & Ask Yourself What Happened to Your Culture?

The Last Best Hope for The Last Best Hope

The Biden Primer

Michael Moore: How the Democrats can Blow It in Six Easy Steps

CEOs 10-1 for McCain; US Troops 6-1 for Obama -- What Does This Tell You?

Will the US Electorate Lay Down in the Poppy Field Sowed by Right-Wing Propagandists & Tilled by the Corporatist Media?

Obama in Berlin: The Context? Think Kennedy at American University, Think the Farewell Speeches of Eisenhower & Carter, i.e., Bravery & Prescience

"The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk. And even more ... the future of human civilization is at stake."

Iglesias and Taguba Reflect A Brilliant Ray of Hope

Kucinich, Obama & Pelosi -- Three Very Different Tasks, One Shared Goal

The Rescue of the Planet, The Restoration of the Republic, and Some Unfinished Business

The Crow Nation Understands, So Do Joe Biden & Mike Papantonio, It is Time to Find the "Impeccable Warrior" Within

Let's Prove Gore Vidal Wrong; He Deserves That Precious Gift for His Long Life of Truth-Telling

Campaign '08 Update: The Medium, the Message & the "Monster" -- Clinton Has Lost Herself Along the Way; It Has to Be Obama

Campaign '08: Two Key Factors -- Unity and Forcing McCain to Choose Between His Captors and the Truth

Campaign '08 Update: Open Letter to Sen. Barack Obama -- This is Not a "Food Fight." This is a *Civil* War

Campaign '08: Ron Paul Understands the Danger of Mike Huckabee, Do You?

Campaign '08 Update: Edwards vs. Clinton and Obama -- Reality vs. Fantasy, This is No Time for A Tin Ear or A Pipe-Dream

Campaign '08 Update: Rachel Maddow Smacks Down Clinton Strategist Mark Penn & His Firm Burson-Marsteller

Hard Rain Journal 9-17-07: An Open Letter to Al Gore -- The List, & What Will Happen to the USA & the Planet if We Don't Address It In 2008

Campaign '08 Update 8-25-07: Edwards -- "They will not give up their power -- you have to take it from them."

Campaign '08 Update 8-12-07: Open Letter to Democratic Primary & Caucus Voters -- Turn This Race Upside Down!

Hard Rain Journal 6-19-07: Bring Me the Head of Osama Bin Laden, or Shut Up & Release the CIA Inspector General's Post 9/11 Report

Hard Rain Journal 6-10-07: Chalmers Johnson on George Washington, Ron Paul, the False Iraq-as-Korea Meme, & the Fall of Roman & Soviet Empires

Hard Rain Journal 6-8-07: Will They Actually Get Away With It All? Will the USA Choose Reason or Madness? The Long, Hot Summer May Tell

Hard Rain Journal 5-21-07: Campaign '08 Update -- Questions for Clinton & Obama; Why Edwards Has Solid Lead in Iowa & Richardson Surges

Hard Rain Journal 5-18-07: Is This The Week The USA Got Its Mojo Back?

Hard Rain Journal 5-1-07: “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine …” –- George Tenet, Hillary Clinton and the Truth

Hard Rain Journal 4-28-07: Giuliani, McCain, Romney and the Nightmare Beyond Bush, Is This Our Prague Spring?

Hard Rain Journal 4-26-07: Edwards & Kucinich Show Bold Leadership; Clinton & Obama Seem Not to Have Learned the Lessons of the Last 7 Years

Words of Power #34: Religion, Politics and Business: The Dalai Lama, MLK and the Importance of Dennis Kucinich

SPECIAL EDITION: Words of Power Interviews George Lakoff on Impeachment, 2008, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and Progressive Think Tanks

Hard Rain Journal 2-6-07: Updates on Election Security and the Short List for 2008

Hard Rain Journal 2-2-07: Forget about 2008, the Fate of the Republic could be Decided in the Next Six Months