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Darfur Crisis Updates -- Archive

Image: UNICEF Child Alert

Directory of Darfur-Related Posts:

Human rights and sustainability issues, in general, are an important focus for Words of Power. Darfur, in particular, is an emergency that demands the attention and engagement of the world. I try to post Crisis in Darfur Updates as often as meaningful. They are listed here in reverse chronological order. -- Richard Power

Bigger Question than "Can We Save Burma & Darfur" -- Will the Nation & the Planet Go the Way of Burma & Darfur? Can We Save Ourselves from Ourselves?

At This Moment of Global & National Crisis, Do You have Eyes to See, & Ears to Hear? Are You Ready to Share the Hope & Courage this Moment Demands?

The Future of the Planet, the Fate of the Nation, the Failure of the Collective Conscience, & Why Mahakasyapa Smiled When Buddha Twirled the Flower

2010 & Beyond: Beltwayistan, the Body Politic, & the Message of Avatar

Hey Jude, Patron Saint of Lost Causes, We are All in Hopenhagen, All of Us Not Already on Our Knees in Darfur; It's Gonna Take a Miracle (Well, Two)

Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes Against Nature: Ideas on How to Spend the $300 Million for the Bush __residential Library

The Adversary is Not Ideology or Demographic, It is at its Most Innocent, Fear, at its most Disappointing, Apathy, & at its Worst, Sociopathy

The New Obama-Biden Darfur Policy: Is It Hope Wrapped in Danger or Danger Wrapped in Hope?

Too Big to Fail? The Climate. The Human Race. Our Collective Conscience (Darfur). Health Care Reform. Our System of Government.

Darfur Crisis: Why has the Obama-Biden Administration Put Pollyana in Charge of US Policy on Darfur?

Darfur Crisis: The Waters of Denial are Too Shallow to Hide the Nakedness of Either Special Envoy Gration or General Agwai, Let Alone Both of Them

Why Hasn't Bill Clinton Been Arrested Yet; OK, I Will Rephrase the Question, Why Hasn't Bill Clinton Had Himself Arrested Yet (Darfur Crisis Update)

From Darfur, West Virginia, Downtown Jakarta, California & the Congo -- a Collective Cry for Freedom on Independence Day 2009

Darfur Crisis Upate: Mia Farrow on 11th Day of Her Hunger Strike

Hunger for Justice: A Tale of Two Brave Women -- Mia Farrow & Roxana Saberi

Avian Flu, Swine Flu and the Crisis in Darfur: Wash Your Hands, But Do Not Wash Your Hands of the People of Darfur

Darfur Crisis Update: Mia Farrow is Going on a Hunger Strike. When is the Change Coming to US Policy on Darfur?

Not Invited to the Party: Open Letter to President Obama from a Leader in a Refugee Camp in Darfur

Darfur Crisis: While the West Dithers, & the Arab League Swaddles Itself in Hypocrisy, an ICC Prosecutor & a Cartoonist Lead

Darfur Crisis: The Hague's Bashir Indictment Pressures Not Only the Thugocracy, But also the Great Nations of the West, & the Moslem World

Remember, the Congo is an Economic War, and Darfur is a Resource War; How Far from Your Door Does the Shadow of Hell Fall?

The Bush Legacy on Darfur: Joy to the World? Glories of His Righteousness? Wonders of His Love? He Rules the World?

Food & Financial Sustainability Meltdown: Do You Really Think There are Even 6 Degrees of Separation Between You & People in Burma, Darfur or Congo?

While Great Nations & Captains of Industry Look the Other Way, Unchastened Thugocracies Crush the Defiant in Burma & the Defenseless in Darfur

Darfur Crisis Update: Enough's Open Letter to President-Elect Obama

Darfur Crisis Update: Beyond What You Can Comprehend?

Updates on Darfur and Campaign '08: the Good Storyteller vs. the Bad Storyteller; What Lehrer Didn't Ask About & Why

Darfur, the UN Millennium Goals, Climate Crisis, & the Death of the Republic: If Humanity Misses the Deadlines Just Ahead, There Will Be Hell to Pay

Darfur Crisis Update: Georgia, Off-Shore Drilling & the Darfur Olympics -- Glimpses into the Psyche of a Nation Lost in Its Own Mind

Darfur Crisis Update: "We are saying to the Chinese and the Russians: Please stop your guns."

Darfur Crisis Update: If You Have Ever Held the Door Between Life & Death Open for a Loved One, then You Should Stand Behind Luis Moreno Ocampo

1,000 Tibetans Disappeared, Almost 100% of Darfur Refugee Women Raped, Volunteer Grave-Diggers Arrested By Burma's Junta; Still Going to the Olympics?

From Katmandu to Karthoum, from Burma to Beltwayistan, the Conscience of the World Seems Cut-Off from Action; Here's How to Break the Spell

The Bitter, Urgent Lessons of Burma & Darfur

Darfur Crisis Update: A Tale of Two Men -- The Genocide in Darfur is a Morality Play in which the Best & the Worst in All of Us is Revealed

Why Protecting the People of Darfur, Tibet & Burma is in Our Own Self-Interest; & What These Crises Tell Us about Our Own Slide into the Pit

Darfur Crisis Update: Blame is Irrelevant, So Are Alibis & Excuses, There is So Much More that Could Be Done

Darfur Crisis Update: Bush is AWOL on Darfur, But He is Not Alone; Most of Us are Ignoring a Genocide

In Darfur, the Worst May Be On Its Way; Meanwhile, in the West, Courage Among Olympic Athletes & Cravenness in High Places

Darfur: Your Governments Just Can't Seem to Scrounge Up Enough Helicopters or Troops; But You Can Make a Difference, Take the Turn Off/Tune In Pledge!

Darfur Crisis Update: Farrow & Clooney Act While the US Government Procrastinates & the Cambodian Government Hides

Darfur Crisis Update: Does Cronyism Trump Conscience Even in A Case of Genocide? Why Hasn't Bush Signed SADA? Where is the Outcry?

The Real War on Christmas Targets the Displaced of Darfur & New Orleans

Crisis in Darfur: Aid Orgs Report UN-AU Force "Set-Up for Failure," Spielberg Writes Hu Jintao Again; As the Solstice Approaches, What Will You Do?

Inexcusable Indifference on Darfur, Greed & Ignorance in Bali, Nobelity in Oslo

Darfur Crisis Update: The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long But It Bends Toward Darfur

Crisis in Darfur Update 11-29-07: Dream for Darfur Flunks Visa, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Others; The Reputation of the Olympics is At Risk

Darfur Crisis Update 11-14-07: Investors Against Genocide Report on Progress, & Identify Those Still in Denial

In Burma & Sudan, Business As Usual -- What Must & Can Be Done Now!

Darfur Crisis Update 11-9-07: The Worst Could Happen While the World is Distracted

Burma & Darfur Update: Hypocrisy of Great Nations is Toxic, Complicity of Major Banks & Corporations is Shameless

Darfur Crisis Update 10-8-07: Jimmy Carter Has His Job To Do, We Have Ours -- Call It What It Is -- Genocide

Crisis in Darfur Update 10-4-07: Jimmy Carter in the Sudan -- "We've got to move, or someone is going to get shot," warned one of the U.N. staff ...

Crisis in Darfur Update 9-19-07: What Does CNN's Anderson Cooper See in the Mirror?

Crisis in Darfur Update 8-24-07: Disturbing New Themes in The Human Race's Spiritual Failure on Darfur

Update on the Crisis in Darfur 8-3-07: The Hypocrite is in the Details -- Keep the Pressure On!

GS(3) Thunderbolt 7-19-07: In Darfur and Japan -- The Earth is Singing A Promise & A Warning, But Who is Listening?

Darfur Crisis Update 6-20-07: The Hell of Darfur is, in Large Part, a By-Product of the Denial, Mischief & Appetites of Great Nations

UN Millennium Goals Update 5-30-07: In the Struggle to Empower Women & Children -- Very Good News, Very Bad News, & A Dose of Reality

Hard Rain Journal 4-21-07: Human Rights Update -- In War and Poverty, Children Forsaken on a Planetary Scale

GS(3) Thunderbolt 4-11-07: Darfur Crisis -- As the Circumference of Slaughter Widens, US Mainstream Media Enables Abomination Named Ann Coulter

GS(3) Thunderbolt 4-3-07: Darfur Crisis Update -- Enough Articulates The Answer

GS(3) Thunderbolt 3-29-07: Update on Darfur Crisis -- Mia Farrow Calls for Olympics Boycott, Demands Spielberg Not "Sanitize" Beijing's Image

Hard Rain Journal 2-28-07: Human Rights Update -- Naming Names in Darfur and Ten Steps the USA Must Take to Redeem Itself

GS(3) Thunderbolt 1-29-07: Update on the Crisis in Darfur - What Must Be Done Isn't Getting Done

Hard Rain Journal 12-10-06: Human Rights Update -- Annan Speaks Out on Darfur, Carter Speaks Out on Palestine -- Have You? Has Your Representative?

GS(3) Thunderbolt 11-27-06: Update on Darfur -- UN Reports Crisis Worsens, HRW Urges AU to Get Tough with Khartoum

GS(3) Thunderbolt 10-23-06: Update on the Crisis in Darfur

Hard Rain Journal 9-17-06: Global Day for Darfur

GS(3) Thunderbolt 9-14-06: Darfur Update -- Two Weeks from Rwanda II?

Hard Rain Journal 9-8-06: Sudanese Bomb Civilians & Mass Troops, But US Media Highlights Release of Salopek

GS3 Thunderbolt 8-30-06: Urgent Action is Needed on Darfur, US's Security Council Proposal is a "Sham"

Hard Rain Journal 8-24-06: Updates on Darfur & Katrina, Failures of the Human Spirit

Hard Rain Journal 8-3-06: Darfur is A Mirror Held Up to the Souls of the Great Nations, & What It Reveals is Hideous

Words of Power #25: Lost Symbols, Part II -- The Rainbow Serpent Hisses, Lessons about Sustainability & Survival from Darfur, Senegal and Ecuador

Words of Power #12: The Fallen Tree (Spiritual Challenges of the 21st Century Global Security Crisis, Part II)

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